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Re: Weekly Photo Fun 1-2-09/1-8-09 - chessie4155 - 01-06-2009

AHHH now this is more like it...in the good ol summetime:
[Image: IMG_1490.jpg]

Re: Weekly Photo Fun April 3 - April 9 - chessie4155 - 04-06-2009

Penn Central #8045 West at Quicks Cut, heading back to home rails after dropping off some cars for the B&O at Arthurville.
[Image: IMG_1683.jpg]

Weekly Photo Fun 4-10/4-16 - chessie4155 - 04-12-2009

Hey Jim, hows the fishing up at Westlake? Pretty good Sam, better git up there soon or I'm agonna catchem all!
Official Railroad business???? 219 Big Grin
[Image: IMG_3688.jpg]