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60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-07-2016

This is my new project.
The Model Masterpieces D&RG 60' Gallows turntable in HOn3.

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

I will, also build the Como Roundhouse to complete the scene.
The drive for the turntable will be a step motor with full indexing. It is a system developed by a friend of mine and very fool proof!

I bought this kit second hand, and it misses the spider gear housing...
I will try to make a new by 3D printing it.

This is a good plan showing how I will do the drive:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
(courtesy of Carrie Creek)

I started the build by staining and adding grain to the wood. The stain is Isopropyl alcohol and wiper fluid mixed with vallejo burnt umber and black.

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

After it dries, I will lightly sand them to remove the fuzz.
More to come soon!

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-08-2016

I've come a little further on the way. The Nut Bolt Washer castings are mostly in place :
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

I just had to see how my biggest locomotive fits :
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
Now its time to spike some rails in place.

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Sumpter250 - 01-08-2016

This is looking great so far. Largest loco seems to sit well on the turntable bridge.
It's always nice to see a project progressing so well. Thumbsup Thumbsup Cheers

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - teejay - 01-08-2016

Looking good ! I love the gallows TT ...they have so much character .

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - faraway - 01-08-2016

The weathered wood with the rusty nuts and bolts looks great Applause

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-08-2016

Thanks guys!
Just one more update before bedtime (this is after all Europe, a tad different time zone...Smile )
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
Filed grooves for the cables.

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
Soldered the wires to the Code 70 Micro Engineering rails.

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
The rails spiked and glued!
Big Grin
I use Railway engineering rollee holders.

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-09-2016

The gallow temporarily installed:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-10-2016

The base is started!
8 mm plywood base. I've glued the piedestal on the top and a piece of pine underneath. I drilled the holes for the bearings with my pillar drill to get the hole in plumb.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

The axle will be replaced with a stainless tube.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

The brackets that holds the tie rods are in place.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

Had to see how it looks....
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

The pit wall is to be built using ties. And the pit rail has to be laid. I will use code 40 in the pit..

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-12-2016

Late last night I checked the Turntable and saw that the axle wasn't lining up!?!
That despite using a drill press... probably the bushings tilted a bit when gluing them in at first?
I made a jig, removed the bushings and lined everything up.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
Now it is correct!
I've also built the turntable pit wall. I used cork up to the pit ring level.
Then I glued stained ties up to the top.
The ties fit perfectly, I didn't have to trim any of them to fit!

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-13-2016

A small update:
The cork wasn't totally flat for the pit rail, so I mounted a template/scraper on my centre jig. I then spackled the surface and rotated the template to get a flat surface. It worked great!
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

I made some ties for the pit rail:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

I glued them using my jig to get them to point towards the centre.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
As you can see in the picture above, I made another template on the jig.
This one were to make the slope in the pit.
I mixed some very soupy plaster which I poured in the pit at the same time as I rotated the template.
After a minute or two, it began to set. I then removed the template (which had a roll of excess plaster on one side).
This is how it looked;
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

I added some thin paint to prepare for the gravel and sand:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

The piedestal was painted as well.
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - ngauger - 01-13-2016

Oh Man!! That's GREAT!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Thumbsup Thumbsup

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - nachoman - 01-13-2016

Really nice work. I like your use of the jig Smile

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - BR60103 - 01-13-2016

OOOH! Pumpkin pie!

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-14-2016

No more pie though... Icon_lol

I have glued the real Colorado gravel in the pit:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]
I have installed the pit rail as well. Code 40 from Micro Engineering.

Re: 60´Gallows turntable for HOn3 - Graffen - 01-16-2016

Now it's getting close!
Mostly done:
[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

[Image: upload_-1.jpg]

The things left to do are to install the ring on top for the tracks and the gear, motor and electric wipers.