Bowser Challenger kits...
A good friend is looking to sell two Bowser Challenger kits, and he's most concerned that they go to someone interested in building and running them, rather than re-selling them for a quick profit.

Here are a few photos...






As is obvious from the photos, there's only one tender, and it's not a centipede-type, but rather a semi-Vanderbilt.

Also, it's my opinion that the extra details shown in the second photo do not all belong with that locomotive, and I would inspect what's there more closely, then redistribute them between the two locomotives.

The seller is aware that without the original tenders, the price should reflect that, but he has also included a lot of brass detail parts not necessarily normally available with those kits.  He simply contacted Bowser and asked for whatever details might be appropriate for use on their Challenger.  The tab for that was in excess of $100.00.

He'd be interested in offers from folks who would enjoy building and running these locos, and mentioned that if anyone had the Walthers kit (unbuilt) for Red Wing Milling, he would consider it as part of the payment for the loco or locos. 
He'll sell them singly, with or without the tender shown, or you can buy the whole shebang - two locos, one tender, and a bunch of extra detail parts.  

I should also note that your intentions for the item in which you're interested will influence what he might consider to be an acceptable offer.

If anyone is genuinely interested, please send me a PM with your offer, and perhaps a little info on your plans should you end-up with your bid being accepted.  Shipping will be extra, of course, unless you're within reasonable driving distance from the Niagara Peninsula area, as I'd consider playing delivery boy if you're not too far away.


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