Book Review: Baltimore & Ohio Facilities in Color Vol. 3
I am rather surprised. I have bought quite a few offerings from Morning Sun ... all concerning the Reading Company; one on its Steam Power, a Color Guide to Reading Freight and Passenger Equipment, a close-up of its branches in the Pennsyvania coal fields, and one on its facilities, system wide. I also have one on the Lehigh Valley Facilities from Sayre, PA on up to Buffalo, NY.

All have been well done, full of useable information, good quality photos of structures that are often long gone . I have been pleased by each one that I have purchased. Most have been produced with the help of the Reading Company Technical and Historical Society.

I am surprised to hear that one of Morning Sun's volumes was not up to par. That had not been my experience. I'm sure that must have been disappointing. Sad

Lehigh Susquehanna & Western 

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