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Try again on sign thing
Hope this comes out better


Well now that you can see the picture. The only way I have seen to "paint" signs on buildings was the dry transfer method or sanding the paper the sign was painted on till it was razor thin. Didn't care for either method (not in n-scale anyway), took to long and required more skill than I had. For this I masked off the brick and sprayed it white, then made a water slide decal on the 'puter. After the decal was on but not dry I soaked it with decal softener so it would mold to the brick. After that dried gave it a couple coats of Dull Cote. The one problem I had (1st attempt, still learning) was the decal shrunk a little as it settled into the cracks and crevices exposing a little of the white. I touched that up with some paint on a small brush. You can tell this in the close-up but not with the naked eye. I think this should work well in the larger scales as well.

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