1 : 1 scale modeling
Well this is it,, we have set the date . The hopefully momentous day will be this coming Sunday the 16th when we will start the "B's" 567 block. Our check list is complete, we will fill the cooling system with water, run some jumpers from the "A" unit and go through the starting sequence.  We are expecting lots of smoke, enough to put any Alco or steamer shame, as she has not had a fire up in at least 40 years. Anyone who would like to witness the event is welcome to join us. The units are parked in the yard along side of the roundhouse in between the main entrance and where the yard shuttle is boarded. This area is open to the public and can viewed from either ground level or the 2nd floor observation platform of the museum. It can also be seen from the pedestrian bridge that leads into the mall food court, but it's probably better from the other locations .  We normally get there around 9am and it will take us an hour or so to get everything set before we actually hit the switch. People taking Video are more that welcome.

 One of the thinks I took care of yesterday was to strip the fan control cabinet and get just enough of it wired so that when the prime mover is started I can test the cooling fans.    
They run on AC power that comes off the main generator. This was also another project. Towards the front of the generator are a set of brushes/slip rings that provide the proper current, they were missing Icon_cry , and needed to be reinstalled. Not an easy place to get to (thanks GM). This pic shows two of them in place.
Here zoomed out a bit.
And now the whole generator / compressor work area.
Just loads of fun to do that.
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  

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