Steam engine jubilee in Dresden, Germany
Reinhard, thanks!

Yes, I have a lot associations to this park railway, especially to the steam engines.
In 1962 to 66 I worked on a steam engine backshop (the steam era was not ended in Eastern Germany on that time) and one of steam engines was stationed in our backshop between all the large steam engines in one of season-free times of the park railway in winter of that time. We had to do an inspection on frame, running gear, engine and boiler components and all wheelsets were to be removed because the axle bearings of drivers were to be replaced.
I have worked some days at the flat bed throttle which not was absolutely tight in its closed position. After assembling of all parts and finishing the work the boiler were filled and the engine were fired up for checking all functions. And then a short roll test with own steam should be started on the the very short track. The quadrant was positioned to forward direction - and the engine started with a backward move until it was stopped by some heavy timbers which were set into the ties. First a great fright and after a broad laugher! No damages, nothing destroys! The reason was that the main wheel set was built-in laterally inverted. So the engine had to roll in the wrong direction!
This was the only times that I worked at these engines, but the memories on that time is present. However I can refresh my love to steam and these steam engines especially day for day from spring to autumn because I need only 10 minutes with the car to this park with its small railway.
Cheers, Bernd

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