MWaz Get off your duff challenge
I was able to get some time in on the H9 this weekend.
Got the tender straightened out and looking back to normal.

[Image: 20180408_203857_zpsao1sa8li.jpg]

When I relocated my test track to the shelf above my work bench I really realized how much the silver can motor could be seen in between the air compressor and firebox:

[Image: 20180506_155838_zpsy1o3ylzt.jpg]

So, I painted it black. I also re-installed the brake shoes.

[Image: 20180506_214455_zpsc1tqkfj7.jpg]

I had been wanting to add a coal load to the tender for a while now. I started with a piece of blue foam insulation:

[Image: 20180506_161930_zpsnp4jnmc7.jpg]

Whittled it down to size:

[Image: 20180506_162459_zpsjqnhtmu2.jpg]

And shaped it a bit more:

[Image: 20180506_163918_zpsxh9bo2ey.jpg]

Painted it black and glued it into the tender:

[Image: 20180506_180111_zps2bnkdlnw.jpg]

Once in the tender, I painted on some white glue and sprinkle on some real coal dust. Then set the coal with some diluted white glue and let dry overnight:

[Image: 20180506_203131_zps6rrcdpuq.jpg]

Here are a couple of shots after glue has dried overnight:

[Image: 20180507_084044_zpsvmufrnxm.jpg]

[Image: 20180507_083936_zpsy6mblrlj.jpg]

Before I can get the cab finished I have to do some weathering first. Hopefully, I may get to that today Thumbsup .

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