Repower Athearn H0 CF-7
With older Athearn trucks I always clean out all the original lubrication, then I add some tooth polishing paste and run the loco in each direction for about 10-15 minutes. Then disassemble the trucks clean everything with dish detergent, reassemble and relube with some LaBelle grease. I find this really quiets the trucks and makes them run much smoother. If you can't find the tooth polishing paste, then disassemble the trucks, fold up a piece of 400/600 grit sand paper, run it through each tooth of every gear, then lay the gear flat and rub it back and forth some and then wash the gears with some dish detergent and reassemble the trucks and lube them.

I used over 100 of the A-Line/Proto Power West motor conversion kits (including flywheels). Early on I found it difficult to position the flywheels using CA/superglue to fix them in place, (the glue dries too fast). I started using silcon adhesive and had no trouble at all getting the flywheels into position straight, balanced and true. You do have to give the glue 24 hrs to set. I also use foam tape to set the motors in place. Don't use the 3M tape, it dries up with time.

One last thing, with loose fitting universals, try carefully squeezing the ends of the couplings with a pair of pliers (be gentle) or at the very least put some grease int the coupling joints.

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