A Pennsylvania shortline
thanks Ed, glad you liked the pictures. i will certainly do my best to post most more photos as things progress. i know the pics i posted are not the grestest and kinda hard to really see through a photo of what is going on. but i now make it a habit now of taking my camera with me everytime i go to the KJRR.

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here are some pictures i took today of some cars carrying new rail for the new line North .
each car is 89 feet long and the rail is 80 feet long.


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Thanks for the update Todd. That's about half of it. When are they going to start laying it?
your very welcome Charlie. i'll get more pictures soon as i can. i heard today they are going to start laying it maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

Just to add to this thread, after 130 coal trains were loaded the mine was closed and the new rail has been removed and due to the Mill closing and needed repairs to the bridge the Kiski Junction Railroad will only exist as a fond memory. The right of way will become a trail. 
This photo was taken August 3, 2023. On the left is Kevin Morris, retired from the Conrail and Norfolk Southern Police Force in June, 2010, a KJR volunteer from day one, Mike (Bob) Reddinger, KJR volunteer from 1995 until 2013 when he became supervisor of operations, (The best engineer I have ever trained) and on the right is me. Supervisor of Maintenance and operations from Jan, 1995 until  I retired December 31, 2009      Charlie
That's a really sad day, I for one mourn every railroad that disappears. Thank you for sharing in this topic, was happy to read despite the sad ending.

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