Charlie b's layout
With some links from DoctorWayne I got enough information that I can start my Aerotrain project.  I have an unpowered locomotive and 9 cars that have no interiors or lighting. 
I have the needed decals, a locomotive that can be a donor for the power source, and one (1) interior from Gold Rush Bay that I purchased on Ebay . 
I started with the  HO Train 50' Palace Pullman Passenger Car White Interior Roundhouse MDC , Item# 173941886754 from Gold Rush Bay.     
I made a cut that left me 10 rows of seats.     
I scribed and broke them apart (and now know I should use a razor saw for a better edge.)
The front row of seats needs to be reversed so I cut them apart to re-glue them so the end seats are facing. If a 1/4 inch was added to the floor on each end they would be
I used the set of 6 rows to test for the height inside and it works out fine.  (The picture also shows the cars need a good paint job. Wink )
There is a bulkhead at the end of the seating with doors to the vestibule. I found one picture that shows this.    

I have sent these pictures to Christian to see if he can make the seating I need to eliminate the cutting and gluing.  The bulkheads to the vestibules won't be too hard because they are not all that visible. 

At least I have a start. 

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