Good things come in narrow packages
I got the Sculpta-Mold all leveled out. Still need to add the gravel and weeds but I took a couple shots to see what the structure would look like in place:

[Image: 0dxBTL.jpg]

[Image: zZ1GpB.jpg]

I had to order the gravel so it will be a few days before I can finish this scene up....but it looks very promising.
Steve, great looking scene! Very well built structure. Thanks for sharing!
Cheers, Bernd

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I agree with Bernhard, nicely done.

Steve---I had to look many times to make sure this scene wasn't the real thing---excellent work Cheers
Thank you guys...I appreciate the kind words  Thumbsup  Thumbsup  Thumbsup
I think it will make a nice addition after I get the ground cover down.

I also wanted to point out that although I do photo-shop a sky in a lot of my pictures (if it is good enough for Lance is good enough for me  Goldth ) I always make sure to post pics of the real background. My layout is far from perfect and I believe that the back drop is it's biggest weakness. Having said that, I am a lot more satisfied with it in real life than how it looks in pictures. My next layout will address this deficiency....hopefully  Wink  Thumbsup

[Image: uLEZ2X.jpg]
That is outstanding! Thumbsup
Hi everyone,
It has been about 3-1/2 years since I posted any progress on this layout. There is a good reason for that....there hasn't been any!
I really found it hard to continue working on this layout when my heart is really into continuous running. I like to set the train in motion, watch it move through the scenery, and then work on structures or rolling stock as I hear the train rolling. It relaxes me and I have fun doing that. Now here is the weird part....Every so often (like once a year) I take a good look at the layout and it seems like somebody else did this. I was looking at the layout again a couple of weeks ago and was struck by the amount of work that went into this and also realized that it was nearly complete. There is one section left that is in an unfinished state & I got an urge to finish it. I am getting very close to a place in my life that I can probably reclaim the family room and begin a new layout that will feature continuous running, but before that, I want to finish this layout.

I was looking at this thread and all of my pictures were lost in the "great Photo Bucket purge". Without pictures this thread is totally useless, so I asked Mikey if I could at least try and restore the pictures, so he let me have permission to edit this very old thread. I have managed to restore over half of the pages (1-25 & 45-60). The last bit should be done by next weekend. Brother...there are a lot of pics!!!!!!!!!

Any way, let's pick up where we left off....

Here's a close shot of the front of Dempsey's
[Image: mE4Ho8.jpg]

I did get the gravel and some weeds this structure is complete
[Image: iL0ek1.jpg]

This is the last empty area (between the yard on the right and Matthey's on the left)
[Image: Q1V1mg.jpg]

[Image: Qh1ykh.jpg]

I know I can have fencing extending from the yard along the back drop, but other than that, I am unsure as to what to do next. Perhaps some trees with photos of bldgs behind them? Or perhaps a really flat back drop bldg? Let me know if you have any ideas. In the meantime I will be looking for prototypical locations to get some ideas.

Take care!
STEVE! Icon_e_biggrin , Steve, Steve...(walks in the room, precedes to take a seat, leans back and puts feet up on the coffee table like its my own place Misngth ) I totally understand the continuous running thing, I am the same way. Sure operations are great but honestly most of the time trains are like an aquarium to me Misngth  . I love doing the work, and most of the time I just love watching my trains running through the scenes/scenery I have created, its very soothing and satisfying to me, so I totally get it. 

First, just gotta say(though its obviously well known here) , WOW! , stunning work!!! Applause Worship Worship 
Second, is all the work you have done on this layout being incorporated into your NEW layout you just mentioned? just curious, would be a shame to  put time and money into something that soon might not be there....why not just start your NEW layout Misngth Misngth Misngth 
OK, OK, perhaps I'm just glad to see you and am excited to see you do a continuous running layout Goldth (gets up, puts the magazines my feet knocked off the end table back up, walks out) No matter what happens, GLAD to see you back, looking forward to seeing your outstanding work Worship  .
[Image: sig2.jpg]-Deano
[Image: up_turb10k_r.gif]
Deano my friend,
My coffee table is your coffee table  Goldth
I still think that I am at least a year away from reclaiming the family room and I don’t plan on spending much money to complete the last scene. I have gone over various ideas to incorporate the existing shelf layout into a larger around the room that remains a possibility. I will research prototypical locations and see what I can come up with ?

Thanks Deano!!!

All progress pictures have now been restored to this thread....I think that was as much work as the coal house build...................maybe not  Goldth
AHHH, OK Steve, thanks for filling us in on your plans Icon_e_smile .
Seeing your work on the current layout you have will be awesome to follow, so looking forward to seeing progress! Applause Worship Worship

In know you said it may be about a year before you start a new layout, but I'm curious if you have any general plans on what it will be? staying with NP or changing? how about era/time frame? Inquiring minds want to know Goldth ....or perhaps its much to soon to ask these questions.
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