Some lessons learned
Aside from the many comments,input,suggestions and my inability to leave well enough alone I have learned much.
The most important thing I learned during construction (still doing stuff) was not to be totally satisfied with what I have done,especially where structure placement
and the overall look of the scenes is concerned.
During the 2+ years that I have been working on my layout,I have managed to redo every area on the layout. This included adding some additional buildings. This process did not happen over night.
It took a lot of thought before I even made any changes. I needed to figure out how these changes would impact not only the scene but the layout as a whole.
Basically what I ended up doing was some creative scene compression. By doing this I feel that I not only gave each scene the feeling of being more alive but I think that this also gives
them the feeling of looking very busy.Before I did this,the scenes looked a little to spread out with too much unused space.
Now when I look at the end results,the layout now has the look that I was aiming for-compact and busy.
Finally I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped with the track plan and added their comments and suggestions.I appreciate it more than you know.
Don't know whether I helped you or not... Misngth But I have the same sentiment about Big Blue - it's a wonderful resource.

I do know that change seems to be an inate trait of layouts. Just look around at all the member's layouts here. Something is always in flux, folks are always considering how to change things for the better. When looking at photos of the newest bridge today, i found myself wishing I had done the trackplan to fit better with the prototype in this area. Oh man, all the track is down, and I'm thinking of changing stuff? Had to get that thought out of my head real quick!
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Gary-I know what you mean.I put my track down and then had to figure how to make some of the elements fit properly.Thank goodness I was able to do this without
too much trouble. That explains why I mainly built my structures from DPM wall units.
Just don't quit posting photos or updates of your layout Smile And don't forget, you probably helped others just as much as we helped you. I know your pedestrian bridge idea is going to wind up in some form on my layout.
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I have enjoyed watching yours, (and others) layout change and come together over the last few years. It has inspired me also to try to make my own projects better. To say that you have redone every section of your layout over the last 2+ years is quite an accomplishment, It's taken me that long just to get my main lines running. Keep the pics coming Bob.
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Kevin,e-paw-Thanks so much for the kind words.As far as photos are concerned,I will probably post a whole new set showing all the changes that were made.
That's great! Your comments are a nice reminder to not be afraid of constantly improving our work. Everything you said resonates with me since I've been in the process of redoing scenes and structures on my layout as well. Glad you're happy with the results of your changes! Thumbsup

Thanks for the comments Ralph.
Happy Thanksgiving to all
Bob -

Love the pictures from your layout!

Happy Turkey Day! Guess I will have to wait until Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving (we don't get Thursday off here in Norway).

Thanks Stein.Hope all is well with you and the family.

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