Patience goes a long way
Although this is not one of my strong points(never was),it seems to have paid off in the case of my layout.
After much tinkering and testing I now have a layout that runs the way I want it to.
I have tested some cars on the layout and have not had any problems except for a derailment or two when I forget to line up a turnout.
Except for adding some final details like vehicles my 2 1/2 year building adventure has come to and end and it's time to have some fun.
I enjoyed the building process a lot even if it meant tearing out and re-doing almost all most the scenes on the layout because I was not happy with the,but hey,that's part of the hobby.
Good luck to all with their layouts.
Good to hear you're satisfied with the way things turned out.... Thumbsup

And the pictures are WHERE..?!?!... Nope
Gus (LC&P).
Words to the wise! When I first started building my layout I was not always patient. As a result I've felt the need to go back and improve things. NOW I'm MAKING myself be patient while I make those revisions! Smile Sure is nice to have things running like you want them to isn't it?! Thumbsup

I'm glad you are doing so well Bob. I have found that my number one objective is to get the trains running. Then as time permits you can go back and tweak things. You will find runs in plaster, kinks in track, a bad seam in a building, a needed siding, or even a passing track. With the eye of the digital camera it is so easy to find and fix flaws. I think the camera is now the best tool we have.
Steamtrains-pictures can be found in the scratch building and layout threads.
Thanks Charlie-As far as running trains goes,I did some of that when I was in the process of setting up the various scenes.This was mainly done to make clearances were OK.
Like I said,now that all that is done I can settle down and play.

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