Working on the MDC shay
I expect a little weathering will bring out the wood grain on the pilot beams.


Rear view.


I'm getting anxious to run this locomotive.
As with most of the locomotives I build, its just for the pleasure and satisfaction of doing it.

I added decals today I couldn't decide on a company name so I just numbered it , added builders plates and decal stripes around the windows. The bell, whistle and headlight rings were painted with a gel pen. Then it was clear coated and a light dusting of chalk was added.


I need to do a little fine tuning on the trucks (wheel chatter at low speed) and install the lights. Otherwise its ready to bring some logs off the mountain.


I'll get some better photos later

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Originally posted by 60103

I really like the thread. When I get my new ink cartridge, I'll print it out for reference.
I bought a shay about 20 years ago, when they were new. All I've done to it so far is sonic scrub the metal castings.
I can't really figure out what you did with the brakes, despite your pictures. The finished product looks so much better than the bent paper clips in the picture
Ray Marinaccio
I'll have to see if I have some better photos of the brake assemblies. They were a bit of a pain in the butt, but I thought the trucks looked a little bare without them.

I couldn't find better photos so I made an oversized assembly that is easier to see.


A closeup of the shoe.


The gaps were filled with solder.


Then filed to shape.


The shoe was arched and the face filed to the contour of the wheel. The hanger was threaded through the shoe then mounted in holes drilled in the side frame and gearbox.
The H beam was then glued to the arm on the shoe. Some material needed to be removed from the H beam to clear the universals.

Ray Marinaccio
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