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Hello Everyone--- the Niagara Escarpment is located south-east of Leetown.Famous for it's lush forests,rivers and fruit farms it is a nature lover's wonderland but to the railroad it presents some very real challenges,including some spots with a 4% incline.Double-headed trains and pusher locomotives make Leetown a great spot to railfan.All types of motive power are used in helper service.The crew in the caboose must shudder when they see "Beeg Boy" easing up to couple on their van for a push up the hill

[Image: P1080503.jpg]
Hello Everyone---here's another locomotive that saw lots of service in helper service on the Leetown Division---T-4-A 4300.Unlike most of her sisters this locomotive is an oil burner,recently transferred from Western Canada.Crews liked this engine as she had excellent tractive effort and the fireman had a much easier task of firing.

[Image: P1080655.jpg]
Hello--- here's another shot of #4300 as she returns from the Gern plant at Port Maitland with tank cars filled with liquid flux

[Image: P10806754.jpg]
Hello---another 2-10-2 used in helper service---T-2-A #4100

[Image: P10808044.jpg]
Great photography, have you considered weathering the locos?

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Hello Tyson---thanks for responding.Actually,my locomotives have been weathered by my good friend Doctor Wayne.I really like the "recently outshopped" look and I think Wayne has consistently captured the look on my locomotives.Here's a locomotive that Wayne did not paint for me---I bought it as is .It's probably the most weathered locomotive I have

[Image: P1080816.jpg]
Tyson, I painted this loco for Mister Nutbar some years ago, weathering it as was requested:
[Image: Foe-toesfromfirstcd159.jpg]

I don't recall exactly when, but he later decided that a recently-outshopped look would be more suitable, and I eventually got around to re-doing the 3529:
[Image: Foe-toesfromTrainBrainsecondcd031.jpg]

Most, if not all, of Mister Nutbar's steam locos are of prototypes which are still in existence or which were the last of their class to be scrapped.

Even locos which are to be weathered get an "almost new" look from the paint shop, then weathering is applied to suit the individual.
Here's a freelanced CNR Mike, built and painted for another Member of Big Blue. The loco is a BLI USRA Mikado. Here she is right out of the paint shop:
[Image: MoreviewsofValsloco002.jpg]

...and after an initial weathering:
[Image: Firstweathering009.jpg]

...and the final appearance:
[Image: Supplementaryweathering001.jpg]

[Image: Supplementaryweathering003.jpg]

Thanks for posting your photos Doc Thumbsup .Here's a couple more examples of weathered/non-weathered locomotives that Doctor Wayne created for me

[Image: 240306033.jpg]

[Image: P10804893.jpg]
Hello again---called for helper duty,N-4 Consolidation 2747 waits on the siding to lend a hand for the next west-bound train

[Image: P1090161.jpg]
Hello again---It's another busy morning at Leetown.A couple of Canadian National steam locomotives have just left the roundhouse and are proceeding to the coaling tower to fill their tenders.Called to double-head a manifest freight east to Port Maitland,these two locomotives will have no problem hauling their 80 car train even with the heavy grades ahead.Mikado #3736 and Northern #6309 are shown as they prepare for the task at hand.

[Image: P10901992.jpg]

[Image: P1090356.jpg]

[Image: P1090353.jpg]

[Image: P1090368.jpg]

[Image: P1090367.jpg]

[Image: P1090371.jpg]
hello Everyone---here's a couple of double-header combinations

[Image: P10908002-1.jpg]

[Image: P1090787.jpg]
I have a submission for this thread.    
A light Mike leaning into a freight. Somehow the car ahead of the cabin looks familiar.
Great shot Charlie,thanks for posting---those EG&E rolling stock really get around.Hopefully your picture will inspire other members to post pictures of their double-headers and helper engines.Due to the constant action at Leetown,any available power can be called for helper service---today we see a couple of Grand Valley SW 1200's giving a Canadian National manifest freight a push---at the head end of this train a couple of CN Mikes are digging in for the grades ahead.

[Image: P1090903-1.jpg]
Hello again---there must be an extra heavy train heading to Port Maitland today as three locomotives are seen on the outbound shop lead.Actually one of the locomotives is hitching a ride to Lowbanks for some scheduled maintenance.

[Image: P1100092.jpg]

[Image: P1100087.jpg]
Hello all---a couple of MLW Alco's make an interesting combination

[Image: P1100122-1.jpg]

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