1 : 1 scale modeling
Thanks for the replies.  Just look at 664,,,,,Now she's all shiny Icon_e_biggrin


Some members of Tri state were with us today to do a once over to the prime mover of 663, to determine the cylinders with the leaky rings. In this pic you can see the covers removed on what's called the "air box". There's a total 16 of these, one for each cylinder. This chamber is pressurized by the blower to force air into the cylinders for combustion.

This close up shot will help explain what we did and how it works.

Inside the air box near the bottom of the inspection cover is a waterline, this is for engine coolant. Just above it are the vents that allow the air into the cylinder as the piston travels below them. The piston travels back up, fuel is pumped in by the injector, everything explodes, the piston is forced down and back up again, and a set of valves open on the top of the cylinder, and the fumes are exhausted out into the muffler and out the stack.  It's through these vents that when we roll the engine over by hand that we can view the piston rings that are supposed to keep the engine oil out of the combustion chamber. Some of these rings are worn out and allowing oil past them.  We were able to ID two cylinders with bad rings in them, The people from Tristate will do a compression test to double check our findings. This will also locate other bad rings , as we can only view about 35% of the rings surface through these ports.

With 664 all set for excursion season and 663 in good hands I was able to focus on our long neglected "B".  She was not able to be moved inside before the shutdown, so she has been parked outside all winter. Up until today it was either too cold, or we were too involved with the other units to get back to getting her started. After the new fuel pump/start switch was installed last fall we realized that the starting cabinet would need to be rewired to accommodate its functions. so that was today's project for me.

A new governor is also on the way that will go into the "B" which will be needed to get her started. We will not be going up to Scranton next weekend as it's Easter, so see you in 2 weeks.
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beautiful Engine!!!!
Is the museum planning anything for the Golden Spike celebration??
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Sorry Sir, but I do not know. Maybe when the excursion schedule is finalized something will be announced.
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