Layout (room) tour, with lots of photos...
Looks like you've perfected the "acid rain" weathering technique Thumbsup
Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I think that I was disappointed with it because it didn't turn out as I had envisioned it, but I'm starting to accept it.

Doc, absolutely great work!
Cheers, Bernd

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Quote:Thanks to all for the encouraging words. For some reason, this part of the layout is a lot more difficult for me to envision than was the original portion. I think that it may be the featureless nature of the plywood top, which means that structures can be placed just about anywhere. On the original layout, the various rivers and streams were, for me, anyway, "must have" features, and they helped to determine where structures could be logically placed.


I found this to be very interesting
I am glad this thread got a bump. The more I look at this building the more it appears to be perfect. Unless the colours are coming out different in the photos than real life Its great. I will look forward to pictures with it placed.
I am intrigued with adding another level though it won't happen here for sure.

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