Hedley Junction
The feed mill looks great sitting in it's location.

Andy Kramer - modeling the Milwaukee Road in Wisconsin
The Milwaukee Road is alive and well and running in my basement
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I don't post here often, but I thought an update would be welcomed! I've built a lot of scenery over the last year. I consider it to be my first serious effort since I started in this hobby 3 decades ago.

[Image: IMG_3668b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3643b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3645b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3649b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3642b.jpg]

[Image: 23167695_10155882946874553_3985405322254192232_n.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20171019_213747.jpg]

Recent work on some very mundane structures yet required to set the location and era right. As much as possible, I try to replicate the real structures using pictures and dimensions from Google Maps and Google Earth.

A pair of small garages for the working class borough by the cement plant:

[Image: IMG_3676b.jpg]

A pumphouse for large oil reservoirs near staging:

[Image: IMG_3671b.jpg]

And finally a highway overpass hiding the staging entrance. I hope this one will be done by next week and weathered as soon as possible.

[Image: IMG_3668b.jpg]

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