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Must be a great feeling and very satisfying to sit on your handmade car and be in tow by your handmade engine. Do you have another engine in plan to be build over the winter to be tested and run next spring?
Hi folks,

for winter time, I'll do some european narrow gauge projects in Hon30...
But there's still one 2"-scale project in my mind. Motive power, but not live steam. But I actually have no use for another locomotive so the project may never become true...

And yes, it is a great feeling to operate such a steam locomotive, especially a handmade engine. It's totally different from any other model railroad.

Bye, Gerd
Hello Folks,

meanwhile I did another maintainance job on the Forney due to some more problems. But I look forward to have her back in service in January.

I also build my 20th rolling stock for my 2"-scale railroad. It's a new 4-wheel flat car. This photo shows the new car #6 together with the old #4. #4 will become a gondola permanently.
[Image: flat_4.jpg]

My dad was is also busy and made 4 signals with electrical stuff for our big indoor layout on the convention next January. The design is loosly based on the old banjo signals. They are LEd lighted and we use a simple setup. If you like to enter the single track main line, you push the button beside the track and the green ligth will blink for couple seconds. This signals that the engineer can enter the track, while other trains are warned that the track is called by another train. The signal will than switch to red. When the train is leaving the track section, he pushes the button again and the lights will return to green after a couple of seconds. This way we just need 4 wires along the rails to set up the whole system on out layout.
The signals will control an over 40 meters long section.
[Image: banjo_1.jpg] [Image: banjo_2.jpg]

Cheers, Gerd

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