Howdy, re-newing member
Greetings from Reno Nevada. I used to be a member here, but computer problems and changes to "The-Gauge" made it easy to loose this board. Looks like the group is doing great, judging by the size of members. I still work for the UP, on the road now instead of running a yard goat. Still modeling in O and S now, not 3-rail or American Flyer. Goldth There have been a couple of threads that were awsome, so I'm really glad to get back. Anyway, all for now.

Greg Elems
well I guess welcome back :-) Hope to see some of your modeling work on the forum soon :-)

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I remember ya! Glad to see ya back. Thumbsup
Glad you finally found us, good to see you again. I guess moving around and hiding along with all those changes a few years ago really can test a person. Thanks for making the effort. Thumbsup Thumbsup
Don (ezdays) Day
Board administrator and
2285_ 2285_ Welcome back Greg!! Smile Smile

Glad you found us again!! Nice to know that you're "on the road" too..
Hope you like that better than the yards Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Welcome back Greg.
Good to hear from you. Cheers
Ray Marinaccio
Well thank you for the warm welcome. Question, there was talk of doing a blue car or locomotive with "The-Gauge" emblem on them. Did anyone ever get around to doing that? I still have a couple of undec cars I had set aside for that purpose.

Greg Elems
We have the Greenwich & Meridian (last 3 threads on the list)
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The Big Blue & Gauge Railway - BB&G: (This is the "local" road that takes the place of the original "Gauge Railroad") To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of "Big Blue" (this forum) and the 10th anniversary overall of - Sumpter250 & Ezdays lettered special cars in HO & N (Decals are still available)....... We had the cars tour around the US & Canada. You can contact ezdays for decals and road numbers, he assigns them so no 2 are alike Big Grin
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Tour Pictures: (First 2 threads - one HO & one N)
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You can also use the logo at the top of any page and create your own "Big Blue" engine or rolling stock. Just follow the BB&G numbering system.

Can't forget The Gauge Crate (Same as the Gauge Box Smile Smile Smile )
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So there you are...... 2 "local" roads and an "international" road to choose from Smile And the Crate too Smile Smile Smile
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
The travels of 100119 was really nice. We did that on an O scale list in the early 2000's only we used personal cars and moved them around the country on a limited basis. Great fun to see a car from someone else on a local layout only to see it on another layout in a month or so.

I'm still catching up with this board, sure nice to see familiar names still posting and modeling but sad also to see a couple have gone onto the great round house in the sky. Sad

I must say, I like the new paint scheme better than the all blue. I figure I could use HO decals on one of my S scale box cars and maybe an HO decal on an O scale gondola.

Will look into getting some shortly.


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