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(10-22-2020, 09:48 AM)GMO-Frisco Wrote: Yeah Lutz,

you know we allways look forward and double Mainline getting in focus.
It would not be that I take FLATS in the main, but who knows what happens.

Unfortunally we had no meeting this year, so we hope to next year.


that is really a pity but we take Covid 19 seriuosly here.
Flats is indeed an industrial area and therefore not suitable to take mainline traffic. Hardy and i had some discussions about there and both we are still  practice the rules of civilized discussion culture are able to work out a consensus in peaceful manner without instigating a civil war Goldth
But Flats Extension was then built to mainline standards (for emergency purposes only).

How Flats Extension innitial was planned was posted 22nd October, 2020 and here is what it looks after actual realisation:
[Image: dsc017690vjz3.jpg]
There are 2 tracks with Code 83 rails now running from end to end of the module. Their centers are 50mm apart.
They are connected by the means of 2 Atlas Code 83 #8 switches. To get there the cork roadbed was complemented and revised. The tracks were just nailed down here.

[Image: dsc01770gqjln.jpg]
After nailing the missing sleepers were completed. For this i took pieces of scale lumber because i detected this is an easier task than  whittling plastic sleepers.

[Image: dsc01771lqko3.jpg]
After cutting the sleepers in suitable lenghts, thes were fastened with white glue to the roadbed.
First wires for uninterrupted current supply appeared. At least all the rail joiners will take only the mechanical part of the connection of rails.

[Image: dsc01773xcja7.jpg]
So here we are. The overlaying tracks will be later cut flush with the module ends.

[Image: dsc01775xwki3.jpg]
Here is the beginning of a further example of my archaic switch actuators.

And from now on, i have not any more pictures taken of the progress until Flats Extension was operable. This was caused by compassionate grounds.


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