New auctions are coming soon
Just a little heads-up, but we still have a couple of HO and N scale anniversary cars that we're going to put up for auction soon. In addition, our good and generous friend Tyson Rayles has donated two PBS "Rails Ahead" N scale cars that we will also be auctioning off at the same time. We will have two or three auctions over the next few months starting around the middle of April, so be prepared.

As always, 100% of the money derived from these auctions goes right to help support Big Blue, so we are looking forward to some vigorous bidding. Besides, these are rare and much desired cars.
Don (ezdays) Day
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One of the HO scale anniversary cars, was the back-up car, and was actually part of the tour, having made the trip out to Delaware, and back !
One of the N scale cars was meant as a back-up, but was not sent anywhere.
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