We are just about ready to rumble.....
We have been teasing around that there will be a couple of auctions coming up soon. We have several N and HO scale boxcars that we’ve held back from our anniversary celebration a while back. Some were decorated by Sumpter250 and some by myself, ezdays. We also have two N scale “Tracks Ahead” cars that have been donated by our good friend, Tyson Rayles that we will include as well. The plan is to auction them off two at a time, but in separate auction threads. That way you can bid on one or the other, or both cars that are being offered at that time.

As we've said before, our commitment to you is to keep these forums free from advertising and sponsors. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will go to support Big Blue and help us keep that commitment. You have been generous in the past with you donations, participating in our auctions and other fund raisers from time to time, and we appreciate it beyond words; and so we ask you to be generous when bidding once again.

To start with you will be bidding on some rare Big Blue 10/2 year anniversary cars as well as some limited run TA collector cars which have been run on Tyson Rayles’ layout. We will include a certificate of authenticity with each car so you will know where and who it came from.

Keep you eyes open for these auction threads; the first two will open sometime around May 15. We will also announce the rules for each auction as we go.

Good luck everyone, and remember, sky's the limit when bidding.

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