Platinate Overland Trolleys
Very nice work, Gerd, both on the trolleys and on the layout modules, and a very fitting tribute for the line's 100th anniversary. Thumbsup Thumbsup

Many thanks!!
I'm surprised that this layout is getting so much good feedback here.

What I've forgot to post is the first short video of motor car #7 on it's first run on the first finished module some weeks ago.
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On saturday, my model trolley line will be shown inside the old car barn during the anniversary celebrations. I look forward to show you some photos from this event. This will be the first time since 1955, that street cars return into the car barn.

Bye, Gerd
Very enjoyable little video ..........your thread is getting attention simply because good modeling always draws comments regardless of the type or era . I have had a " soft spot " for trolleys , particularly the industrial variety , but have never built one .....maybe someday .

To err is human, to blame it on somebody else shows management potential.
Waldbahner Wrote:Many thanks!!
I'm surprised that this layout is getting so much good feedback here.

Bye, Gerd

Surprised..?? If I had posted something similar and not gotten the amount of "good feedback" it deserved, I would have been demoralized... Nope

This is truly some the finest modeling I've ever seen... Thumbsup
Gus (LC&P).
Good morning,

last saturday, I was at the 100th anniversasry event of the PalatinaBus. We arrived at 8am to setup the layout in the old car barn.

[Image: bild_1.jpg]

Once the offical part was over, I had many visitors in front of my layout. Some of them did remember the old days when the streetcars were still in service and I heard some nice stories from them.

[Image: bild_2.jpg]

At the first part of the day during the offical part, I tried to make a new video of the layout, but unfortunately my camera is broken. So I've only these few photos made with my cell phone.

[Image: bild_3.jpg]

Since this was the first one-day-long-operation-session for my layout, I was excited if everything would work fine. The streetcars didn't made any problems. I had to clean the wheelsets sometimes, but in the end they all performed perfect. Some trouble I had with the electrical stuff at the ballon track. But I guess I can fix this with a separate power supply.

[Image: bild_4.jpg]

With two control units, we were able to run two trains and use the passing siding. My girlfriend performed very well as street car driver and keeps my free from rail service most time so I could talk to the spectators. Many thanks to Katrin for her support.

[Image: bild_5.jpg]

At the end, we had a very nice day. The afternoon was very rainy, but everything worked fine and we had some nice talks. After the event, we packed the layout and said good bye to the event manager. He thanked for your show and we got an coffee cup and a H0 scale model of one of the actual busses. So I can bring the present and past together on my model layout.

[Image: bild_9.jpg]

Bye, Gerd
Hi everybody,

I'm back on my trolley project.

The past quarter year, one of the modules was shown in a museum together with my model trolleys and a lot of historic documents in an extra exhibition for the 100th aniversary.

Once all of my models returned back to my place, I made a new video clip for YouTube. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

This year, I like to rebuild the layout and trolley for live-overhead power and I like to build one or two new segments. The frist one is actually planed and will represent sections of my home town.

The first model project I've finished is a new bus as they were used from 1955 onwards, when the trolley line got closed.
[Image: Bus_1.jpg]

With the new model, I was able to set up this freelanced 4-generations-meet
[Image: 4-Generationen.jpg]

I hope to make good progress dring the re-wirering of the layout and trolleys so I can start with the new segment(s) soon.

Cheers, Gerd

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