Five years of the Blues…
railohio Wrote:Man, I'm getting old if I've been around you people ten years now. :mrgreen:
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When I was out of work for a long while I was visiting a bunch of train forums, but now I pretty much visit Big Blue and once in a great while O scale Trains forum. I have learned a great amount about modeling here from all the "regulars".
Glad I found the original forum and then later was told about the current Big Blue by Chief and Buckeye way back when.

A day with out Running Bear's Franken diesels and vintage computer adventures just is not complete Big Grin , there are too many other great personalities here to list but you all make this forum fun and enjoyable. I will be here for another 5 years or longer, great job Big Blue and all the forum members Thumbsup
railohio Wrote:Man, I'm getting old if I've been around you people ten years now. :mrgreen:

There was something I used to hear a lot in the Navy......Oh yeah !......this is it..


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We always learn far more from our own mistakes, than we will ever learn from another's advice.
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Well - On the eve of our 5th anniversary, I am a bit emotional. I'm thinking along the lines of the Roman God Janus.. looking forward and back.

I'm reminded of the great years I've spent together with all of you but I can't help but miss my old friends who are running trains in the afterlife Smile

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These were people that I would have never known of, if it were not for this forum. I would never have learned from them and believe me, I learned a lot!!!!

Over the years we have lost a few members, and a few of our members have shared their grief at losing family members. That's another facet of this board. We all share the good times and help each other through the bad times. It's definitely a bond that holds us all together.

So, as we embark on another year of Big Blue and a new calendar year beginning in but a few weeks we look forward to all the good times we will have and hope to minimize the bad. Smile I look forward to all the things I will learn and the things I will post that others might learn. I look forward to sharing pics and stories as I have done for the past 13 years with all of you. But most of all - I look forward to sharing friendships with all of you, those I have had the pleasure of meeting and those I have not as yet met.

As always, Be healthy and happy....... and Keep It Gauged!!!!
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Congratulations to all, our fifth anniversary is upon us. Like Mikey, I remember that day well. I also remember when Mikey and I finally said enough is enough and decided to pull away from over "there". We had no idea if others would follow, but we knew that we couldn't run a train forum for those that knew nothing about modeling or modelers and couldn't care less about trains. Their only motive was profit and they kept a close tab on what we could and could not do. It was refreshing to say the least when all our old mods agreed to come, then as I said before, the floodgates opened as soon as we announce that our namesake, Big Blue, was open.

Mikey reflects on the past and the many old members that we've had the pleasure of meeting but left us way too soon. And then he mentioned those that joined Big Blue early and have never left. We are all grateful for you all for what you've taught us and the great things that we've done together, but I need to mention those that have joined us along these past five years as well. You have brought the same enthusiasm and energy the the rest of us have, ones that keeps these forums what they are. Some of you have come from other forums, others include us in their daily rounds while still others are new to the hobby and give us to opportunity to give back to our community. We enjoy your being here as much as anyone. We have an extremely civil group, it's hard to remember the last time we had to say something to someone about an unacceptable post content, or even had to ban anyone for cause. It just doesn't happen here and that's why we have members from all age groups that can get along. We are truly a family group, all are welcome.

Mikey, I and all the moderators salute you. This is your forum, we are just here to see that it runs smoothly. We are proud of you all, you're doing a great job of making our job easy. Big Grin

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