A question about movie clips
Tyson Rayles Wrote:"When they cooked both, it was an overwhelming 90% route in favor of prunes"

Probably because they didn't deep fry the hummers! Icon_lol

Good point, but I'm afraid deep frying kind of messes the prunes up and makes them all squishy. I guess we'll never be able to compare apples to apples now. Nope

cid Wrote:Oh Yeah, Mike I almost fergot about them. Mother used to dose my sister and me with prunes. Said they kept us regular!!
Hmmm, that was a few years ago, more than 50, maybe now would be a good time to see if they work.... Big Grin Big Grin
Wonder what they do for IBS... I know, I know, TMI, but I'm just tryin' to fit in.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yeah, I remember those days too. Trust me, it still works, but science has found easier ways, especially if you don't like prunes. Thumbsup
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