First laser cut structure kit for me
Hello all,

I will be assembling my first laser cut craftsman type structure kit.

I bought an O scale version from the NMRA division 6. It is a station that is still in existence in Grove city Ohio sw of Columbus. Will try to get some pics of the original station if I can as the historical society wants to move it to a new location.

Here are a few pics of the as yet unassembled kit and 2 pics of the prototype I found on line. I will up date as I progress.





And a few more pics to start with.



Looks like a straight forward build, I think you should do ok on it. Biggest thing I found with kits is if they didn't give you bracing for the inside get some, if they gave you some get more.

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ak-milw Wrote:Looks like a straight forward build, I think you should do ok on it. Biggest thing I found with kits is if they didn't give you bracing for the inside get some, if they gave you some get more. 8-)

If the kit was cut from micro plywood, it should be stable enough to not need internal bracing. I have some left over bits of .020" micro plywood, from a laser cut kit, and it is still flat with no warping.

If it was cut from single ply, wood sheet, I would highly recommend that bracing be used. Especially in any of the larger scales, "o" being one of them.
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Thanks for the tips.

The bracing consists of a approx. 1/8 inch base, center part that supports the sub roof all of which is made from fiber board smooth on one side textured on the other. The end walls seem flat but the long side walls have a slight curve to them.

My main concern is how to paint it, before or after assembly? I was planning to use acrylic craft paint which is cheap and easy to come by as I have a lot of it from when I was painting on canvas.

As for the interior the center part that divides the passenger side from the freight side has a door cut into it so I may try to do an interior as well as adding some lights to the outside of station.
Nice! I've never built one of those. Good luck! Thumbsup

Well I have read the instructions and studied the diagrams and have a confident attitude going in. May start out today by test painting a scrap of wood to test out some paint colors. I am leaning towards the red paint as in the first pic I found on the web.
Went to get some supplies to start on the kit. I got some Gorilla glue wood glue and some #11 xacto blades, paint I have tons of. May be I will start on Saturday now that all needed items are gathered up and together.

While at the store (Sutherlands hardware) picked up a 4 pack of work socks (brand name was The railroad socks) Icon_lol
looks fun! I've just done a few laser kits, all were fun and relatively easy construction.
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Worlds worst sound a long wall of single ply wood going snap Icon_lol

Had to do a minor repair to one of the long walls. Glued a brace of a flat toothpick were the wall cracked on the back side of wall.

I have the four walls glued and once the walls are set I can glue to the inner bracing/floor.

I should have built up the walls with window and doors first before doing the walls together.

Here is where I am at Progress wise.





If you're going to place lights in the interior, I would suggest painting the interior of the outside walls black to prevent them from "glowing" in the dark...It kinda spoils the effect...
Gus (LC&P).
Well here is progress pictures so far.




Here are pics showing the minor damage to wall which will be covered up by door trim anyway.



latest progress so far.



Well have the building assembled except for the roof, I do not like the supplied roofing material(strips of black construction paper) I will get some laser cut card stock shingles like what I used on the coaling tower. I think it looks better then the prototypical rolled roofing material of the real station. I will be adding an interior and lights after I paint it up. I will take my time painting it red with brown trim for the outside, I was going to add styrene or maybe wood strips for interior walls when I remembered I have a program "model builder" that I can print out a wood wall and flooring Icon_lol these will be added after the interior walls get a coat of dark color so not to glow when inside lights are on. I will not glue the roof in place so the inside will be viewable.

Here is the list of detail parts I will add to give it some "life".

Detail parts from Wiseman Model Services
1. Qty. 2 pot belly stoves one for passenger side and one for the freight side
2. Qty. 1 pack of railroad lanterns
3. Qty. 1 "mutt" dog figurine
4. Qty. 1 pack of freight scales
5. Qty. 1 baggage cart
6. Qty. 1 package of passenger platform steps
7. Qty. 1 package of broom
8. Qty. 1 package candle stick phone
9. Qty. 1 cash register

Detail parts from Karen Cary's Furniture (1/4" scale miniatures)

1. Qty. 1 store counter

Detail parts from Scenic Express

1. Qty. 1 Regulator clock
2. Qty. 1 package of crates
3. Qty. 1 baggage cart
4. Qty. 1 package benches and luggage

Detail parts from Builders In Scale

1. Qty. 1 Roll top desk
2. Qty. 1 package office chair
3. Qty. 2 ceiling fan
4. Qty. 1 crate
5. Qty. 1 suite case and hat box
6. Qty. 1 old style wall phone

Detail parts from Lionel

1. Qty. 3 Mail bags

Misc. parts

1. lights
2. assorted figures

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