Track plan simplified
Been sick all week and had lots of time on my hands so i decided to see what my plan would look like if I simplified it some.
In the first scenario using the original plan as a guide I removed both tracks at the food distributor and pallet factory making them both
truck served. Lumber is still brought in by rail and then transferred to trucks. I also removed the track just above the coal dealer track. I realize that with this
change I give up the use of boxcars and reefers at food dist.
[Image: HobbsEnd3_zps3016cdf2.jpg]
[Image: HobbsEnd4_zps1ace55b6.png]
In this next scenario,I left one food dist. track in place which lets me use boxcars and reefers and as described above the other tracks are still removed.
[Image: HobbsEnd5_zps625c0641.png]
To tell you the truth,I like both changes and if I were to make one of them it would depend on if I wanted more or less switching,but the more I think about it I would probably opt for keeping the
food dist. rail served.
Just some ideas for possible changes. Would like to hear some of your thoughts. Popcornbeer
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It looks like you have a lot of space front to back -- what about spreading the spacing between some of your tracks and even possibly angling them so they all aren't running parallel to the main track? There was an article years ago in MR about a 2'x10' switching layout that may suit your purposes -- 3rd Street Industrial? I cannot recall exactly the name of it. If I were building it, I would probably eliminate the steep grade on the back half. Check out <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> -- this switching layout is incorporated into a larger layout. It would give you a good idea of what it would look like.

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Chuck-your comments have been noted.
I failed to mention that this layout has been built. I am on sort of a fact finding mission to see if eliminating the track I mentioned
would help or hinder operations. Actually I'm happy with the layout as it stands but I'm always looking for ways to improve it.
The ideas I mentioned are just that-ideas. Just a few things I was thinking of while I was sick.
In all honesty,I'll probably leave things the way they are.I just can't seem to stop finding ways to screw with the design. Perhaps it's time for me to
say enough messing with it. Time to have fun.
"My railroad is a figment of my imagination"

The track off the left side of the siding looks only long enough for 1 car but no loco. Are you going to do any run around moves only from the right side?
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Andy- I think the siding you are referring to will hold 3 cars not including the loco.
All runaround moves will be from the left side.
Now I just want to clear up some points here before things get really out of hand.
1. This layout is done and operational
2. Please refer to my postings about it under layouts.
3. The only reason I brought up this topic was to explore the possibilities of eliminating redundant tracks. Namely the track that is below
the food dist. track and the track that is just above the coal dealer track. These are just storage tracks and I just wanted to see if I actually
needed both of them.
4. As I indicated above,these are just ideas and not something that i might actually do. The thought of tearing out good rail does not appeal to me.
I hope this sheds some light on this thread not only for your benefit but for others who might want to comment.
"My railroad is a figment of my imagination"


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