Prototype rail question
When a railroad laid it's rail with I believe 39' sections how were curves constructed? Was the rail bent to form an arch or was straight rail used but laid slightly off the
straight to form an arch?
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Bob, rail is as flexible as spaghetti. You just start at one end and spike it in place. You make your curvature as you go. Just move it in position with a lining bar.
Thanks Charlie-now it makes sense
"My railroad is a figment of my imagination"

check some of the old photos of continuous rail being shipped on flatcars that show it bending around curves.
For something more worrying, look at photos of washouts or bridge collapses and see how the rail bends down.

I saw them put a new bridge in, over a new road, on my commute. The rails were just pulled over by a bulldozer with a chain to the shoo-fly position.
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