To sell or not to sell???? Whaaaat!!!!
I don't know the US system, but from a funding point of view, the target factors are 10, 12 and 15 for 65-year-olds, that is , male, female, couple.
i.e. for a male age 65, multiply the annual income by 10 to get the present value. Example: to get $1000 a month, that's 12,000 a year, and worth $120,000. If you start later, you'll get a bit more, earlier a bit (a lot?) less. and earlier means less accumulated interest as well. Those figures are somewhat independent of interest, for some reason, most of the influence being mortality. I saw some insurance company figures in the paper and they must put a heavy load on it.
Moderato ma non troppo
Perth & Exeter Railway Company
Esquesing & Chinguacousy Radial Railway
In model railroading, there are between six and two hundred ways of performing a given task.
Most modellers can get two of them to work.
I hate this topic, have no idea where to stand on my own.

I have ran through similar thoughts about selling everything. Thing is I amassed a big collection for cheap from bargain hunting and I couldn't possible get rid of it. (You just can't find deals like you use to)

It's still a very enjoyable hobby for me. I really like building things of my interest and I like the fact you yourself can create your own design on cities/structures/industries.

What I don't like is getting to the point of advancing enough and needing to move it all or tearing it down.

Among this I have another hobby that has nudged in and taken over all my railroading hobby, on the brighter side I have my wife included with me on this other hobby. It is costing more but I get a lot more out of it.

Model Conrail

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