Ye Olde Huff N Puff kit builds
Soon will start a long drawn out blog of building these kits in O and S gauges.

There are 6 kits some box cars some reefer cars, 4 flat cars and 2 sets of sides of box cars. Following pics show some of what is planned for working on in between older projects already started.



them pictures look familiar Icon_lol

awaiting the build series

Today is a warm wet and rainy-day,

Perfect for model building Big Grin

After taking care of some business this morning will work on the train station and the Huff N Puff kits today. First flat car body has been built need to drill for the fiddly detail bits and round up some trucks to complete the cars. I have some S gauge trucks and even some On30 trucks but I need to get some standard O gauge trucks(3-rail). There are stake pockets, turnbuckles and some underside details that need to be installed. Normally I do not bother with underside details but these kits look cool and being bigger then the ho kits I used to build as a kid I will try to use them.

Progress pics to follow this evening.
Well three of the four flat cars have been started so far. here are some pics to show what a sloppy job I did with the gorilla wood glue Nope but the mess is not in areas typically viewed. My glue of choice is Walthers Goo for wood and attaching dissimilar materials together also use Faller expert glue for plastic kits. I am experimenting with Gorilla wood glue which seems to set fast but can be a mess if not real careful with the dispensing.






I did find a really bad shape Lionel truck as a stand in to see how the flat car will look on 3-rail trucks. Huff n Puff sells some trucks and couplers as a separate items from kits but I will more than likely check the 3 main hobby stores in town that occasionally have boxes of basket case rolling stock cheap that parts can be scavenged from Thumbsup
Minor progress today have 4 flat car bodies built up and waiting for detailing and painting. The cut off ends of decking material will make a short S gauge flat with a bit of wood from my stash so I am getting 4 O gauge and 1 S gauge flat car from two kits 2285_ The box and reefer kits have a bit more work to them but may get one or two started soon once I complete the flats.
Some more progress here.





Todays progress so far,







Major progress on the HuffnPuff flatcar kits, pics sometime Monday.

I got some painting done and the stake pockets in place on one flat car and even the lettering. Just have to paint underside and complete the underside details and the very last thing is to install brake wheels and grab irons.





More progress to follow Sunday-Thursday, had to stop and get taxes done and get my new glasses.
Small progress as the thread provided with kit is a bit harder to use then it looks 35 I decided to paint the undersides of the other three before using the thread.




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