UP SD40-2's NEW Layout
David, Charlie and Wayne, Thanks so much for the advice/help/encouragement Thumbsup , Slap AWESOME pics too Worship

Well, I just have one 8' section and one 7' section left to put up, I hope this weekend I can get the wood. I have used all but 14 pieces of track, I hope that will get me around the rest of the layout once the last two sections get up. I have track up now, but nothing finished, need more tracks for the yards and spurs, a little at a time is all I can do.

The plan is not set in stone, can be changed anytime. The side you can see is for the yards, I am considering doing the other side like out west, not much anything except open land, a small river, perhaps a mountain. The tracks on the other side are far apart from each other, I plan on putting rock areas up to hide the trains from each other at times, eh, well see how it goes Wink .

Lighting is obviously a problem, but have been trying to work on that some too. I hope I can post an update sunday Thumbsup

[Image: DSCN0397_zpsazuc8kyh.jpg]
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Good to see your progress. I think you have it figured out.
Looking good!. Missed this thread, are you building and planning the layout at the same time?. How do you plan to operate the layout and what industries will be on your layout?
Deano, have you given any thought to finishing the room? While it's an added expense and often delays layout construction (using up both time and money), in the long run it's a benefit. It's also far easier to do before you get too far into layout development. Studding and insulating those exterior walls will go a long way to keeping out the Wisconsin winter, and will result in a brighter room in which it will be more enjoyable to work. The open joists above will be a constant source of dust, but could be finished at a reasonable cost with a suspended ceiling. Of course, it's possible to get by without such niceties, but they will make the hobby even more enjoyable.

Wayne, sadly, we have no plans on spending any money on the basement, we just have to many other things that desperately need to be done first, and the money just isn't there right now Nope . Dads house was the same, no money was ever put into the basement, yet through the years we built many great layouts, nice and cool in the summer to work on them, and bust out the space heater in the winter Misngth . Thanks so much for the thought though Thumbsup .

Charlie & Postman, yes, I am figuring the layout on the fly, and I do have a good part of it figured out...mostly Wink . Not much in the way of industries, I do have a freight house and small factory, I really want to build a GERN, but that will be about it for industries. I am what I call an "Aquarium Model RRer" Misngth , what that means is I mostly like to run trains and just admire them going through the scenery I have created as I walk around the layout, its kinda my "Zen" time Wink . Its also nice to have the trains running while I am working on a project(I am dyeing to get working on my second cab forward) , or weathering, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like switching too, but its not my favorite part of model RRing .

Well, I got the frame work up, and ran trains for two nights on it! WOW, I really missed this, it was so fun Applause .
[Image: DSCN0414_zpsqdf3wl9g.jpg]

But then tonight...HOLD MY (root)BEER BOYS, AND WATCH THIS! Eek
I tore one whole side of the track up and made two grades with a spot for crossing a river Confusedhock: One of Wayne's engines was the very first engine to cross it too Thumbsup
[Image: DSCN0424_zpsrmqcgqlg.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0426_zpsnreqfzxg.jpg]

I need to do some research, I would like to put two 40's-50's style bridges up, out west style, just small because I wouldn't really call that big enough for a river, more like a creek I guess.

That's all for tonight, its late, till next time, stay on track folks! Thumbsup
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Hey, Deano, I understand completely about not finishing the basement room, as I'm sure that there are lots of higher priority things vying for your attention (and cash).
Your layout is really looking good and it's especially nice to see the 501 again. Thanks so much for posting that photo. Worship

Deano, it's looking good, and welcome back to train running. I was away from my trains for 14 years and I know how it feels to run that first train all the way around the layout.
That is a special feeling to see the train run for the first time. All that work - building, laying track, wiring - then hit the power switch for the first time and and see it run. 2285_ 2285_

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That is an excellent base for a great layout Thumbsup
Looking good!. I can see lots of switching opportunities on this layout, you´d model an industrial branchline.
Love it Deano! I feel the way you do....I love watching trains go through scenery and just having them run while working on other "stuff".

Keep up the great work my friend! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
looking good Deano---I'm sure you'll have your new lay-out finished long before my old layout is complete.Nice to see one of Doc's locomotives taking the initial run.Here's another EG&E steamer that makes my Leetown Division it's permanent home

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Thanks so much guys! :mrgreen: The initial complete run around of the whole layout, after all these years out of it was, phenomenal :mrgreen:

This weeks update:
Well, though I am not completely done laying track, I have the 2 mainlines up so I soldered the track...
[Image: DSCN0434_zps4f8viirg.jpg]

Replaced the ties I took out...
[Image: DSCN0436_zpsjzpxwqle.jpg]

And painted both the mainlines, though I will hate myself for painting them when it comes time to put a switch for an industry or two in Misngth ...
[Image: DSCN0451_zpsihopy6gv.jpg]

I also STARTED going through boxes and taking inventory on my engines, checking each one to see how it runs, if it has problems, or just slap doesn't run for some reason. I ended up getting about one third of the way through them so far.
[Image: DSCN0463_zpsxbbntwgg.jpg]

Who likes Tunnel Motors?.....THIS GUY Thumbsup Goldth
[Image: DSCN0485_zpscihadlgv.jpg]

Some of you that follow this thread may remember I have two cab forwards, one is an AC12 from Intermountain, DCC with sound...
[Image: DSCN0467_zpsmfejageu.jpg]

The other one I have is an AC11 made by Riverossi, DC. I picked this one up years ago at the Lena model RR show from a guys junk box for $20.00. I have been tinkering with this engine off and on for years, I bought a bunch of details for it to dress it up because I figured even if I couldn't get it running again at least it would look good and I would put it along side the track somewhere. Well last night I soldered the last couple wires I thought it was missing and put the shell back on, no easy feat, and gave it a shot...IT WORKED!!! Eek So here I am, 9:30 at night downstairs yelling :ITS ALIVE...ITS ALIVE..MUH HA HA HA HA, ITS ALIVE!(to myself) , my wife runs down thinking something was wrong, I had a maniacal look on my face and felt like Dr Frankenstein, but was happy and explained to my wife how I had been messing with this engine for years and was overwhelmed to see it actually running. Somehow she didn't seem as enthused as I was but that's ok Goldth . Now I can work on detailing it. BTW, it pulls at least 20 cars, I had a 20 car consist on the track another engine was pulling so I tried it out, to awesome Big Grin
[Image: DSCN0474_zpsemkvq3ec.jpg]

Till next time folks, stay on track Thumbsup
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UP SD40-2 Wrote:....Who likes Tunnel Motors?.....THIS GUY Thumbsup Goldth.....

Me too, Deano - while my road is pretty-much all steam, I think the tunnel motors were among EMD's best-looking offerings.

And congratulations on getting that cab forward running again - among those locos, though, the AC-9s were my favourites. Wink Goldth


nice collection of locomative power and congratulations for running trains again.....

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