Building the roundhouse at Mount Forest...
I still have a sheet of it must be 30+ years old   Icon_lol
Mine dates from the early '70s...figured it was time to use what's left of it.

Some more progress....

The roof trusses have been painted....

[Image: S0025718.jpg]

...and the interior, too...

[Image: S0135732.jpg]

[Image: S0115729.jpg]

I've also installed all of the windows.  Here's a view through the thick semi-opaque "glass" at the back of stall 3...

[Image: S0105727.jpg]

...and stall 5, as seen from its door...

[Image: S0125730.jpg]

The roof is now a one-piece assembly, allowing easy interior access (in case the next owner wants to add interior lights)...

[Image: S0155734.jpg]

[Image: S0145733.jpg]

[Image: S0185739.jpg]

[Image: S0165736.jpg]

The roof still needs to be painted and weathered, and I'll be adding eavestroughs and downspouts.

I also have some Grandt Line doors to use as replacements for those which came with the kit.  They'll need to be both shortened and made narrower.

After that, the turntable will be coming out, as it's certainly not acceptable in its current state.  I'll be converting it back to manual operation, hopefully improving its rolling qualities, too.  Otherwise, it'll be replaced.

I shouldn't be amazed at your craftsmanship after all the years that I've known you but I always am---outstanding creation Doc
(02-28-2019, 08:18 AM)cn nutbar Wrote: I souldn't be amazed at your craftsmanship after all the years that I've known you but I always am---outstanding creation Doc

What he said....amazing
I am deeply impressed. A great project!
Thanks, guys!  It hasn't really been much of a "fun" project...perhaps that's why it's taken so long to get to this stage. 

looking great Wayne, though I've given up on a round house for lack of space.
Work continues, speeding along at an almost glacial pace, with eavestroughs added to the front of the roundhouse...

[Image: 100_7814.jpg]

The larger ones at the rear are both in-place and painted, although those from the annex roof still need paint...

[Image: 100_7815.jpg]

...which they'll get as soon as I repaint the roof, including the main one.

Here's the other rear corner, where the shortened stall is located...

[Image: 100_7817.jpg]

When the roof is removed, the eavestroughs  (and downspouts, of course) remain with the walls...

[Image: 100_7820.jpg]

[Image: 100_7821.jpg]

Since very little will stick well to the resin walls of the roundhouse, I fashioned a sort of "saddle" (seen in the photo above) made from styrene sheet and strip material, to which the soffit and eavestroughs were cemented.   With the roof in place, the set-up seems to work well enough.

The rear eavestroughs and soffit were cemented directly to that stone cornice, added a few posts ago, rendering it pretty-well invisible.  Because it and the trough and soffit are all styrene, the bond should be quite strong.

[Image: 100_7823.jpg]

[Image: 100_7824.jpg]

[Image: 100_7825.jpg]

Here's the relatively-easy assembly procedure...simply put the roof in place....

[Image: 100_7828.jpg]

...then press down...

[Image: 100_7829.jpg]

The front eavestroughs still need a little clean-up of the joints, before they get painted, but I also hope to get the roof re-painted later this evening.

After that, modifying and installing the doors will be next.

looking good doc , will add a idea for the windows that was gave to me years age, though this build is a bit too far long . windows in older industrial structures often had chicken wire glass either frosted or clear which can be simulated by applying very fine dark brown tulle to the inside with clear acrylic for clear glass or matt acrylic for frosted , while it is out of scale the overall look is good . did several buildings like that but I no longer posses them , thought I had one window done that way but couldn't find it. and as far as being glacial that SOP for me Smile
Thanks, Jim. 

I do recall that reinforced glass, but never thought about modelling it.  I do have some silk screening material that would likely work, and iit's probably pretty-close to scale, too.   Other than those on the aisle-side of the structure, the windows won't be all that visible , but if anymore of them fall out from handling, I may give that a try.  

I just now came in from re-painting the roof, and will hopefully get some paint the on the rest of the eavestroughs and trim - it's all brush-applied, so one of those do-anytime jobs.

Finally, the doors are in place....

[Image: 100_7840.jpg]

[Image: 100_7843.jpg]

...and working....

[Image: 100_7855.jpg]

A couple of them need the height adjusted.

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Outstanding build Wayne!
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Thanks, Mike!  It was one of my more tedious projects, evidenced by the time it took to get it to a somewhat finished state.  I'll probably do a little more weathering on it, but I'm glad that the bulk of the work is done.

That is really an impressive structure and the quality of the details in amazing.

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