Upgrades Coming
We're planning to do a forum software update on May 22nd. So that evening, we'll lock the forum so we can run a backup and upgrade. The upgrade won't make any changes to the look or funtionality to the forum so no worries about relearning where everything is. However, we're going to make a few changes ourselves.

When we come back online, you will find:

The gallery will be gone for good.
We're going to bring back the chat room (hooray!). I know many of you have talked about bringing this back for quite a while now.
Some folks have brought up an interest for a program called Tapatalk. I don't know much about this but apparently it will make things easier for those of you who access this forum on your mobile devices.

That's it, really. We'll give another warning before the 22nd.
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I am glad you plan to support Tapatalk. That makes it much easier to read Big Blue on my iPhone waiting in shopping malls while my wife is extensively shopping.
Yay chat! I missed the chat. Its good to discuss things in person!
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We're trying...... 2285_
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Tapatalk, yes that's handy!

I use it to access the member forum of the NMRA British region (of which I am the admin) while away, it would be great if Big Blue will be accessible that way too!

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