Just an update on the missing photos
ngauger Wrote:
Sumpter250 Wrote:" The crash and the corruption of the files were all due to a quirk in the way our phpBB software did it's update. "

I would think that the creators of the phpBB software, owe us all, substantial compensation ( double for Packey )
for our losses. At the very least, they should be helping us find a solution to their "failure"....... free of charge........ NOW.
Unfortunately, somewhere buried deep in the tiniest of the fine print, there are clauses and statements that exemplify them from any software malfunctions. Crazy Nope Wallbang Wallbang

OK......... "fine print" Wink the "eternal Eek damnation". :o Icon_twisted

Once again, Packey, Cheers Thank You. Thumbsup Cheers
We would have found ourselves, "up a well known proverbial tributary, without any visible means of propulsion" *,
if you hadn't been here to "put things right again". Worship Thumbsup

* ( in certain other circles, it goes,...."up Crap's Creek, without a paddle" ) Icon_twisted Icon_lol 357
We always learn far more from our own mistakes, than we will ever learn from another's advice.
The greatest place to live life, is on the sharp leading edge of a learning curve.
Lead me not into temptation.....I can find it myself!
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