Hi Folks, new kid on the block
Henry, great avitar. I have some friends that work with Collies and Shelties. Great dogs and great folks too. I am into Samoyeds and Eskies.
Catweasel Wrote:Sorry, no, should be spelt Basingstoke. I've got a couple of sticky keys on the laptop. Another way I spell it is Stayingbroke.

"Basingstoke it is."

I have a Basingstoke totem on my layout boards.

But Catweasel may require (embarrassing) explanation for us North Americans.
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Most modellers can get two of them to work.
Getting there slowly. Although now retired,I have a house to run as the other half is still in harness. Boo Hoo. 1/2 the track is down and I may have to make a longer sector plate. Won't know 'til I can start running. I've got a little project heading my way as well. A Mack 15 tonner kit. A Tenshodo spud is sitting in my bitz box doing nowt, 24.5 w/b, and that may do underneath. Easy to convert to DCC as well. I'll keep plugging away at it. Hopefully I'll have the track down by the end of the week and can then underneath for the wiring. That will be fun. I'm using servo's for the first time and will control them with MERG boards. Analogue for that side of things and using a laptop supply for power. That's all for now.
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And will the collie be very helpful for Dad by offering [and doing] to pull out any loose wires from underneath the layout, just prior to a VIP display run?
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Hello welcome,

My favorite trains are American Flyer S gauge trains, my favorite locomotive is the # 350 Royal Blue modeled after the B&O streamlined 4-6-2 Pacific. Like most other train nuts I have a lot of 3-Rail O gauge trains as well. Also from Ohio but the central area which happens to be the capitol of OHIO. American Football collage wise we are the home of the Buckeyes which gets their name from the state tree a buckeye tree so named because when you get the nut out of its shell it looks like the eye of a buck(deer). The buckeye nut is poisonous how ever buckeye candy is good, it is round balls of peanut butter dipped in chocolate with bakers wax and look like the buckeye nut. Some southerners Refer to Ohio as Snohio as we do get a fair amount of snow.

Someday I hope to have a large Appalachian coal hauling layout but for now I have 10' x 16.5' Lionel display layout and I am working on getting an American Flyer layout at the other end of table.
Been a while since I posted anything re. the layout. There's been a slight change of plan. The baseboards have been extended and now form a "U" shape, giving a further 7 feet or so. Also, as ther seemed to be wasted space in the top corner, I'm going to install a "wye". Why not. Won't be long now to start relaying track.
It's a good day when you wake up in the morning. It's not your problem if you don't.

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