Lucky 7!!! 12-17-15
Well, here we are at 7 years Smile We have a lot of respectable members and staff, very few spammers and lots of great information to share. We are visited daily by search engines, so people are finding Big Blue when they research railroad information. Tap a Talk is running well, as far as I can see, I use it every day to access the site in my smart phone.

So, for the most part, this is still a great place to stop in and talk about daily life (The Hobo’s Camp) and to post pics and information pertaining to railroading in general.

Don & I thank you all again, for being a part of Big Blue!
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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Seven Years !!! Eek Confusedhock: Applause Cheers Cheers
Mikey, looks like you've been here only 8 days longer than I have. Wink Big Grin
Of all the things I have been a part of, Big Blue has been the best and most rewarding. I have absolutely no regrets about accepting the task of being a moderator here.
I have been part of, and have left several boards, for various reasons......this one is definitely worth the effort. Cheers
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Is it tacky to congratulate 35 all of us..
Well you guys started this forum, I am along for the ride, and I can tell you it has sure been a blessing when I needed friends.


My Profile tells me I joyed big blue on 9-4-9.
Thank you all for creating the forum and keeping it alive with the positive and warm spirit I enjoy every day. It became an important part of my hobby.
I'm not going to hit the lucky 7 for two more days. I want to thank everyone here for the courtesy, fellowship, and information that has been provided over the years. I also want to thank you all for helping me through some very difficult times.

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Thanks for all the hard work! Worship Applause Thumbsup

7 years 2 days and counting! Cheers

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Tyson Rayles Wrote:Thanks for all the hard work! Worship Applause Thumbsup

7 years 2 days and counting! Cheers

Hard work??? Nah, you guys make it easy work. Worship Worship Worship Worship
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