Kadee couplers in Bachmann coupler pockets
Many Bachmann H0 coupler pockets provide not sufficient space for Kadee couplers to swing freely.

The standard solutions are a) replace the coupler pocket with a standard Kadee pocket or b) mill the Kadee coupler down to fit into the smaller Bachmann pocket.
There is an easier way if you put a simple washer on top of the pin pushing the lid of the pocket a tad up to make room for the coupler.
I am using the M1,6 washers from Fohrmann part # 650316.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.fohrmann.com/de/unterlegscheiben-aus-messing-din-433-fuer-modellbau.html?number=650316">https://www.fohrmann.com/de/unterlegsch ... ber=650316</a><!-- m -->

The required dimensions are
In-Ø: 1,70 mm - out-Ø: 3,50 mm - size: 0,30 mm
In-Ø: 0,07" - out-Ø: 0,1.35" - size: 0,012"

The inner diameter must fit the screw, the outer diameter must fit "inside" the Kadee coupler and the size must lift the pocket lid sufficient.
You might hunt down your local sources. M1.6 washers are fine if you have a source with metric washers but have an eye on the external diameter to fit into the Kadee coupler hole.

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