Looking Back Part 3
Its been to long since I did a "looking back" so,with coffee in hand I shall do part 3.

While switching cars this afternoon I glazed upon My old Athearn BB SW7 and thought of the first two I bought both was undecorated.

I had went to Hall's hobbies and seen these new releases from Uncle Irv and ask Charlie if he had any undecorated and he did so,I purchase two, a spray can of Flo-Quil "Engine Black" and two packs of Champ NYC Diesel Switcher decals. I went home and spray painted both shells in my "paint shop"-a single car garage. I then return the shells to my work desk to let them dry. After a long school week and a operation night at the Columbus HO club-the only week night I was allowed out during school, my dad said "Be sure you do school work first and be home by ten so,by 6:30 my home work was "finish" Icon_lol and off to the club I went. What Dad didn't know I would finish my home work in my first period study hall. :o
What he did know I wouldn't be home until around 11 pm but,he knew where I was at. Oddly he finally told me to be home before curfew-11 pm..

Anyway back to the SW7s.The following weekend after my Saturday morning trip to Hall's I decaled both switchers in the new scheme-black bodies, white frame (decaled), white pilot safety stripes, yellow grabs and handrails with emblem on the cab.. I numbered these two switchers after my two favorite prototypes-8880 and 8888. I freely admit these two engines never mu'd together except at the Portsmouth yard on the club's layout. Around a year later I did a SW7 cow/calf set lettered for C&O 6600 A and B. I used a drawbar between these units.

Some times I miss those simple projects and the joy of knowing they are unique locomotives or freight cars..Today,I do very little of those projects and when I do I cheat and use Accurail unlettered cars with data.

“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth-the witch of the Wilds.
Nice Story Larry, It brings back a lot of memories.

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