Soldering station questions
I hope this is the correct location for this question. I was looking at a soldering station on eBay and I thought before I purchased this I would see if anyone here has any experience with this station.

The station is made by YiHua and is going for $20. I know this is cheap but for the little I solder I thought it could be a deal. Just like to hear what others may know about it first.

The item is located

Thank you.
I have a question about the tip.
The tip is usually the part that needs to be replaced first and after some use again and again. It is also often necessary to have more then one tip at hand. e.g. a very fine for delicate tasks at fine PCB and a more wide one to solder rails.

1. How to you get replacement tips?
2. How to you get larger tips to solder rails etc.?

You should at least have a source for replacement tips or be prepared to dump the whole thing when the first tip is used up.

ps. the name "SMD DesolderingSolder Iron" might be the reason why it has an extreme fine tip.
I did a search and did find some replacement tips. I did think about it being useless if you can't get a new tip later. It's still better than the cheap Wielder brand I got from Home Depot for $15 and it had no tip replacement. That was one of those soldering pencils you get really cheap.

Thanks for thinking about it. What type of soldering tool do you use?

Hi Dave.

On the advice of some fellow modelers that I hold in high regard I bought this.

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The Xytronic LF-389D

Some of the best $ I have ever spent. I had to use it to put my kids Playstation 3 back together after the dog pulled it off the table. It made that job a breeze with its variable temp control. I used a photo of the circuit board to find out where the bits went and soldered away. Low and behold it worked perfectly when we plugged it in. 2285_

Having the variable temp control is awesome. I have asked on the forums what temp I should use to solder different things, and knowing that makes my soldering life a lot easier.
Good luck.

I am using an ERSA RDS 80.
e.g. an Amazone link

The nice thing is the variety of tips available. Fine tips for fine work and big tips to solder bigger things. The control logic ensures the tip has in all cases the defines temperature.
A nice selection of tips
Well, I purchased this station and I must say for under $30 I'm very happy. The station has many tips so I can use the one needed and I do agree that it is really a game changer when you can set the temperature. I know this one is far from as good as what you can get in the other stations mentioned here but I'm pleased for my hobby needs.


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