PRR H30 color(s)
Hey everyone,
I've pulled an F&C PRR H30 kit off my shelf that has been dust collecting for a couple of years and actually started it. But I'm looking for some help with the color for the kit. Did Pennsy just use white for they're white looking covered hoppers? Or is it more of a light grey?

Any help is appreciated,

Bowser offers a very nicely-done r-t-r model of the H-30, and have done so, I think, in every version that Pennsy ever used.

I got one of the originals, and while I'm generally not a r-t-r type of modeller, it's one of the nicest of that type that I've seen:

[Image: Modifiedrollingstock052.jpg]

Hi Mark---here's the light gray version of the Bowser H30 hopper

[Image: 001_zpsksdywltf.jpg]
Thanks guys for your input. Bowser does make some fine looking hopper cars. I have many H-21 & H-22 hoppers myself. I started the F&C kit to help develop more skills for building the numerous craftsman kits I've collected over the years. Some I've actually have completed already.

So light grey is the true color I guess.

Hey Mark,, Here is the F&C kit that I built a few years ago. In the instructions of that kit was a section on painting it with a few prototype pics. My kit also contained the proper decals, I don't know if they are still sold that way. Depending on the year you are modeling these cars were oxide red, light gray, and I think even black. Up until the mid 50's , not sure of the exact date ,they were painted red. After that they wore a light gray similar to the same gray that the D&H used. I do remember seeing a pic of one in black with a PC logo on it's side.

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Yeah, my kit came with painting instructions, too. But only for the oxide red color. No while decals either. Picture on box is of white or light grey covered hopper with black lettering. (Kit came with black decals) I haven't looked the decals close enough yet for a build date, yet. I'll check out the d&h grey. Thanks for the tip.

I've built a few of these craftsman kits now and I'll have to say the directions for some of them leave a lot for interpretation 35.
I'm late on this but here are a couple not so good pictures I have of PRR covered hoppers.         Charlie

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