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I have to go with the idea for making it easier to upload pics here also. I hate to have to reduce the size of my pictures to post them. It sometimes takes a bit of guessing to get them below the 250 mark. Is there a way that the website could do this automatically when you are uploading them?
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I only hope that whatever changes you make, don't force me to go through the experiences I have been through just to get back here, even if it did require a completely different screen name to do it. Using my original "sumpter250" would not work on any computer, after the one I regularly used, died. Please be careful. Thumbsup Wink
Look at it this way - you guys are the experts - I'll go with whatever you come up with! - and thanks for all your hard work!
Its been ages since I tried uploading pics so I decided to try uploading a few photos, its still a multi-step process but not terribly complicated, actually far simpler than on many other forums. As can be seen I was allowed to upload a max of 5 pics. The size limit is still 250 KB which I found pretty generous...especially compared to some other sites that limit size to 150 or 180 KB. So at this point I's say that the only thing that might be worth changeing is get some sort of simpler process to upload multiple photos in one go.





Genetk44 Wrote:...get some sort of simpler process to upload multiple photos in one go.

Well, I'm glad that you went to the trouble of posting those five photos, as they're certainly well-worth sharing.

Very nicely-done! Applause Applause Applause

Thanks Wayne..I figured I might as well use some forum-appropriate shots. And just to be clear, only 2 of those shots are of my models...the other 3 are somebody elses modelling.

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