The M-K & Eastern RR
Some more progress today.
I've glued the cork. It's standard HO cork that I cut off a 6 mm (1/4") wide strip to make it fit HOn3 (16.5mm - 10.5mm = 6mm).
Now I have to order more cork .... I need about 40-50 yards.
I've begun on the Spline roadbed.
I'm gluing it with "No more nails" from Pattex on cartridge (I guess it's like liquid nails?).
The splines are 6 mm (1/4") MDF, which is cut in 25 mm (1") wide strips.
There is a need for huge amount of clamps though. Have to find some more, I know I have some...
Time to make all the curved and Y-turnouts as well.

[Image: 42855859162_093a4c8d3c_c.jpg]

[Image: 42855859152_014757072b_c.jpg]

[Image: 42903986051_b9e66154bd_c.jpg]

[Image: 42903985961_6fd6694340_c.jpg]

[Image: 42903987981_4cf4d24ec7_c.jpg]

[Image: 42903983461_924635baf8_c.jpg]
More progress. I've finished about 2/3s of the subroadbeds.

I had to check my inclines to keep them under 2%.

[Image: 42201710014_5c9ed15d31_c.jpg]

[Image: 41109982580_745a720a11_c.jpg]

[Image: 42920200031_b0d729e507_c.jpg]
I checked my inclines with a 2-foot level and pieces of 1/8 x1/4 and 1/16 x ?? wood under one end. I guess a 1/2" piece would give 2%.

I had a problem when I didn't check and through it would be level because all the supports were the same height. Found that the basement floor had a bit of drainage slop built in.
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I've started the work on the landscape painting on the backdrop.
To make a representation of the Colorado rockies isn't as easy as it sounds....
You want them to be tall and imposing, and have the color variations of the real thing.
On top of that I have to find a level of detail that I'm satisfied with.
I use regular artist acrylics for it.

[Image: 41172030880_bb2f26c719_c.jpg]

[Image: 29109678358_b3e1d2be4e_c.jpg]

[Image: 42263565744_ab515c8b9e_c.jpg]
[url=][/url]I built a switch to fit my layout, a three-way stub switch in HOn3.
It is a #6 with 26" radius.
[Image: 42106299025_d56a445bfe_c.jpg]
I will probably use a Tam Valley servo controller for it.
It's really fun to build these.
Made a bit more on my three-way stub turnout in HOn3. One drawbar is made, now it's two more to hold the track gauge to make as well. It's a little tricky to make them because the rails must be able to move individually. I soldered micro track spikes to hold the rails in place.

I built a curved turnout today.
HOn3 with Code 70 rails. 28" and 22" radiuses.
What's left to do is to make the cuts for the live frog and to clean the flangeways from solder.I build my turnouts to the narrow specs that Railway engineering promotes. I use their roller gauges and to check with the NMRA gauge, you use the flange end instead of the track end
[Image: 42146449075_3dc042a485_c.jpg]

[Image: 42146449245_0965487a4e_c.jpg]

[Image: 42998886012_85873c27c4_c.jpg]
[Image: 28179884297_4ffde654e5_c.jpg]
Built a # 6 left-hand turnout in HOn3 with 26" radius.

[Image: 29268478808_5d3cc4c6eb_c.jpg]

They are starting to go together easy now. This one took not more than an hour to make.
I use a drawn template to get the radius right. Otherwise it's just a matter of using the NMRA gauge and Railway Engineering roller gauges.
The frog area has a narrower gauge to make the rolling stock roll better through the frog.
I use the flangeway gauge to get it right.
Latest project to be started.
[Image: 29409634928_d07aa8db1f_c.jpg]
Bret's Brewery from Campbell.
This will be a nice addition to the layout.
There has been some progress on the brewery.
[Image: 42591825054_c512fb412b_c.jpg]
 Content of the kit.

[Image: 43309716141_80d22aef4b_c.jpg]
 Some of the tools I use.

[Image: 43309706811_b1af3ab7fd_c.jpg]
 I started by measuring the parts and identifying them with the numbers from the manual.

[Image: 28440243217_c48cd03a8f_c.jpg]
 I add woodgrain with a wire brush.

[Image: 41499924640_13fede8dec_c.jpg]
 I cut out the windows with a xacto chisel blade, then I stained the areas which were to be glued together.

[Image: 42405419465_dcd34e1ac1_c.jpg]
 I add nail holes with a Trumpeter rivet wheel.

[Image: 42405415965_5a446c31ec_c.jpg]
 As you see, the wall lines up on the right side and the left is offset.

[Image: 43309666051_7a7997a526_c.jpg]
 After staining the walls with india ink and alcohol, I paint the peeled off paint.
I use turps on a brush and while the surface is wet, I apply the acrylic paint which then pearls up in places to look like peeled off paint when dry.

[Image: 43309652111_5ea3032b44_c.jpg]
 I used a light grey green paint.

[Image: 43309648811_a36227cccf_c.jpg]
 Painted walls.
[Image: 43259936202_98130dcb20_c.jpg]
The trim was painted green.

[Image: 43259905992_ecdca1cb39_c.jpg]
I glued the walls together.

[Image: 43259898052_cb676a0acf_c.jpg]

[Image: 29439508198_02c88fde7b_c.jpg]

[Image: 29439499188_854993e511_c.jpg]

[Image: 42405347045_507ff6cc0b_c.jpg]
The floor is glued in place. I added a hole for the stairwell.

[Image: 29439562328_65b82c0eb3_c.jpg]
Support beams under the floor.

This is as far as I have gotten now.
Solid progress!

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Some more construction pics of the brewery.

The door frames cut out from cardboard:
[Image: 41700963390_5c9f944bb9_c.jpg]

The painted doors:
[Image: 28622172137_2a2092a2ee_c.jpg]

[Image: 42792118164_250b06f99f_c.jpg]

Primed windows:
[Image: 28622149837_8387e8797b_c.jpg]

Painted windows with green acrylics:
[Image: 28622143647_88f1e05302_c.jpg]

Real glass cut to size with a diamond scribe:
[Image: 28622125437_8ea2bfc279_c.jpg]

The buildings foundation:
[Image: 43509012611_6a3ca076f4_c.jpg]

Loading docks:
[Image: 42604195875_06bd979a6c_c.jpg]

[Image: 43461146882_ae9994d440_c.jpg]

The water tank:
[Image: 43508951771_5f170222d1_c.jpg]
The boiler house with the PVC stone sheet that is glued with contact cement:
[Image: 42604138865_a5e5599b98_c.jpg]

I used Tamiya putty on the corners:
[Image: 43461088942_1970658b04_c.jpg]

[Image: 43461059342_ab07fb71ff_c.jpg]

Roof with cardboard frames to make it removable:
[Image: 41700751740_a9a95bde9d_c.jpg]

Corrugated sheet cut to size:
[Image: 43508877071_02ab754531_c.jpg]

Mortar made with pulverized clay mixed with PVA and water and then wiped away from the top of the stones:
[Image: 29637713128_cb3fd121d8_c.jpg]

Getting there:
[Image: 41700728650_f13eed3798_c.jpg]

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