Industries for gondola containers?
I'm looking for ideas for industries that might use the round containers that come with the N scale Atlas 42-foot gondolas. The containers are easily removed, but I thought it would be fun to discuss because they are ubiquitous in the hobby.

The first thing that comes to mind is cement, which was hauled in small containers before the widespread use of covered hoppers, but that seems difficult to justify in a Postwar setting. Any other suggestions?
Well, the first thing which springs to mind for me is GERN Brand Flux and Flux products...after all, not everyone needs a covered hopper-load of the stuff. There's some info HERE and HERE

Some more mundane uses might be for carbon black (for ink-making), pigments for a paint manufacturer or brick or concrete manufacturer, and fertiliser or dry chemicals for a large city's Public Works Dept.

They are also used to carry concrete mix to hard to reach sites.
I really like the pigment idea. Could lead to some interesting weathering, too, on the cans.
I suspect that you can put them to pretty much any use you wish, and with some extra touches, make them serve any number of other specialized purposes, such as acid carboys, which I'm planning to do.
Don't they have some special lined containers that are used to haul radioactive waste? Don't let your kid wreck that train. LOL

Or it's not waste but radioactive martials used by GERN.

GERN Flux gives radioactive waste a 3% longer half-life.
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You can put anything you want in them but on the prototype they were pretty much only used for cement and were not removed from the gons. There were holes cut in the sides of the gons to unload the cement into trucks or bins at the destination.
dave1905 Wrote:There were holes cut in the sides of the gons to unload the cement into trucks or bins at the destination.

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Dave which RR owned that gondola?
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lajry Wrote:Dave which RR owned that gondola?

According to what's painted on it, that was a Lehigh Valley car.

I think RMC had an article on those cars a couple years ago.

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