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An elevated subway would add to your urban scene and you have a good street for it, hook it up to an automatic reverser set the speed and let it run itself. The thought of building the elevated structure and track work though would make me not want to do it 357
First building front in town is a bank ... :-) It is not weathered and represents an old building fresh renovated in perfect condition.
[Image: 35241779335_77f5dc8618_c.jpg]

The other building fronts are painted, glassed and lightly weathered. The first floor is untouched. I have to add shops with unique painting, signs, awnings etc.
[Image: 35241780175_99bddc4715_c.jpg]

I will proceed for some time doing fronts only. They will become buildings with depth dimensions when the final locations are decided.
The Downtown Deco placeholders got replaced with contemporary (1980 - 2010) structures. It was a "SAR" day (Sides And Roofs). Absolute no details done so far.

[Image: 35159134631_32d6bcd8ae_c.jpg]
[Image: 35159135001_f7a5c95d8c_c.jpg]

Just one more at the far right end
[Image: 34903214790_55a56163df_c.jpg]
Worked on the details of the first building

[Image: 35330420225_46f61402ef_c.jpg]
[Image: 35330420085_1c3239b776_c.jpg]
2.nd building.
I have some problems to find a suitable background. The industry themes of Kingmill are not helpful and the Walthers city backgrounds do not suite my taste.

[Image: 34536103653_969bd668fe_c.jpg]
Sorry the doctor is not in but there are excellent steam and diesel pills next door

[Image: 35197976392_a36f92eda0_c.jpg]
[Image: 35197976042_00156e44d7_c.jpg]
Using Google Streetview to create little backdrops for roads and streets is far from perfection

[Image: 35337556746_a680b2cb68_c.jpg]
[Image: 35337556516_235f754cd7_c.jpg]
That laundry has a nice advertisement at the front sides (The prototype is at the corner Willis Ave / E. 145 St) ready to be grabbed with Streetview..

[Image: 35214209732_e8790f65a0_c.jpg]
[Image: 35214209322_754dc267ee_c.jpg]

The sidewalk will be done when all structures of that section are complete. The one under buildings 1 and 2 has been fixed on Friday.
Glued the sidewalks down and added some backdrop photos from Bronx Streetview. That completes the rear east side building front at this stage. Small details like traffic signs, road marks will be added later.

[Image: 34543615904_f5fc47584b_c.jpg]
[url=][Image: 34543615434_bcf72ae7cc_c.jpg][/url
Looking really good! Thumbsup
There is a background area about one yard long behind an industry. That might be a nice place to have one of the huge apartment complex so common in contemporary US cities and so seldom found on layouts as a backdrop.
The backdrop is made of the Morrisania Ii Apartments at 280-300 E 161st St,

[Image: 34556875644_c433027b19_c.jpg]
[Image: 34556875184_287b2e5931_c.jpg]
Reinhard, you REALLY are becoming the MASTER of the urban back-scene - excellent work!
The focus is shifting right to the next urban scenery in the center of the layout. It is dominated by the to be kit bashed Cornerstone Ashmore hotel. It will become an older fancy office building and modern extension to the left. The first floor will be stores again. The Bachmann four level parking garage at the right end is the birthday present from my wife. It came in a huge heavy box and is not a kit but a resin building.

[Image: 34624123044_4087c3eb85_c.jpg]
[Image: 34624122934_44ced1ff61_c.jpg]
24 hours later
It is unusual hot here. I have 28°C / 82 °F currently at my desk. The low of the lest night was 26 °C / 78 °F in my hobby room. I wish air condition would become standard here.
[Image: 35446218576_43f558021c_c.jpg]
Wow, that's going to be a great cityscape! Cheers Thumbsup

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