Glen's diesel rebuild thread
Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Mike

I removed the fans from the B unit this evening.

[Image: 2019627193_DSCF8157.JPG]

I drilled them out from the inside, starting with the small bit in the twist drill and working my way up to a 7/16 bit. I enlarged the holes one size up at a time, using my miniature drill press until the bits got too large. Then I continued to increase the hole, until the final size.

[Image: 20196271121_DSCF8156.JPG]

As you can see the new fans drop right into the hole. I've started to drill out the fans in the A unit, that should be done shortly.
I finished drilling out the fans and glued the new ones into the holes

[Image: 201971174736_DSCF8165.JPG]

I first airbrushed the fans in cnr green. I had planned to use the last of my True-line paint but that had congealed so I opened up my bottle of Rapido CNR Green. I was a bit nervous as I had never used Rapido's paint before but to sprayed well and matched the original paint on the engines. Another reason I'm relieved that the Rapido paint worked well is I have a couple passenger cars to repaint and I'll be using the same Green on them.
Before I glued the fans on I drilled and added the lifting eyes to the roof and filled the holes where the original horns and the aftermarket bell were. I'll be painting those over next.

[Image: 20197117533_DSCF8159.JPG]

I'm going to be using the three chime horn out of the Rapido engine bits package on the F-3a and probably use the roof mounted bell on the F-7a. I already painted them and they can go right on.
Nice work, Glen, and a good match with the paint, too!

Thanks Wayne.

I repainted the roofs of the two engines:

[Image: 20197811212_DSCF8166.JPG]

I did this to blend the painted fans in a bit better and to cover the filled-in holes in the A unit's roof. I did find that the rapido paint has a bit of a glossy sheen to it when sprayed so I shot the roofs with some dulcoat to tone them back down.

[Image: 20197811529_DSCF8167.JPG]

I also added the Rapido three-chime horn to the A unit.

[Image: 20197811713_DSCF8168.JPG]

I also brush painted the molded-on handrails of the b unit. I could have scraped the cast-on handrails off but I didn't want to risk gouging up the shell and the painted ones look fairly decent as a compromise.
The A is pretty much finished with the exception of the diaphragms I still have a few details to add to the B yet.
I completed the three engines up to weathering this morning.
Starting with the F-3's

[Image: 201972011137_DSCF8185.JPG]

[Image: 2019720111412_DSCF8186.JPG]

I found that the dulcote gave the roofs a bit of a 'mottled' look to them. I'm not sure why this happened and a second spray didn't change the look either. I'm just going to call it a bit of 'pre-weathering'.

[Image: 201972011179_DSCF8188.JPG]

I added the diaphragms to both engines and cut bars and MU hoses to the B unit. The A already had these installed. Not shown is the speed recorder added to the front left truck frame.

[Image: 2019720111937_DSCF8187.JPG]

The diaphragms do bring the two engines together but the don't touch. I could add some shorter-shank couplers and that would solve the problem but I doubt it would work with some of my tighter radius curves on my layout. So I'll just keep them as is.

[Image: 2019720112231_DSCF8180.JPG]

Turning my attention to the Intermountain/Stewart F-7. I painted the chassis black in the sides where the portholes are. It looks better that seeing the silver gray.

[Image: 2019720112457_DSCF8183.JPG]

Not a lot of work needed for this one. Roof mounted bell from Rapido, speed recorder on the front truck from Miniatures By Eric.

[Image: 2019720112643_DSCF8184.JPG]

MU hoses on the rear from Detail Associates. The cut bars are factory.

[Image: 2019720112823_DSCF8182.JPG]

Other than the weathering, these engines are done. I'll probably keep the weathering on the F-7 a bit light, a little heavier in the F-3's.
I did a bit of weathering on the engines, mostly concentrating on the trucks and lower areas.

[Image: 201972591531_DSCF8182 (1).JPG]

[Image: 201972591634_DSCF8183 (1).JPG]

I hadn't noticed before but the font style for the Canadian National is different on the F-3 A&B. I suspect that it's a difference in when they had last visited the paint shop.

[Image: 201972591835_DSCF8184 (1).JPG]

I like how a bit of grime and dirt can make the details on the trucks pop out.

[Image: 201972591943_DSCF8185 (1).JPG]
Glen, your work is inspiring as always. I find it interesting how you take basket cases, parts, drives then put them together in compelling models. Certainly you could spend hundreds of dollars on state of the art models, but I'm pretty sure it would make this hobby an empty one. Having bought a few recent high quality models, I was extremely disappointed by the flimsy details, weird part fitting and issues. To the point, I went back to my old locomotives and have fun detailing them. Much more fun to be honest!

Looking forward to your other diesels!

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Glen---I always enjoy seeing your models,especially those CNR classics---great work
Thank you guys. Matt, I have a relatively small layout so I like to spend more time with the details. As you said I would find buying only RTR locomotives and rolling stock pretty boring. That being said this past winter I finally bought my first brand-new Rapido engine, an SW1200rs in the green and yellow CN scheme. Runs and sounds beautiful.
I'm taking a slight break right now (summer and all) but I recently bought a Proto1000 RDC-2 in New Haven. I plan to repaint it in early CN colors in the future.
Just finished painting this for another modeller:

[Image: 201911242396_DSCF8325.JPG]

It's a Proto2000 FB-1 that was originally painted as a CPR model. I stripped it down and repainted it in CN's early green and gold scheme.

[Image: 20191124231033_DSCF8326.JPG]

Now I should point out that CN never had any FB-1's only A units.
I had to take a few decals off other sheets to get the results you see. The very fine black stripes are from an Mircoscale F-7 set and the logo and numbers are from an F-3 set.
Nicely done, usual. Thumbsup Thumbsup

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