My Hometown---Part 4
Hello everyone---like many others I lost all my Photobucket pictures so I've had to start again.I'm now using Flickr so here we go with Part 4 of pictures from my hometown---hope you enjoy.

[Image: 36788760070_b63f9922c0_k.jpg]
Glad to see part 4 Thumbsup
Thanks PEIR.One of my favourite spots for rail-fanning in my hometown is Bayview Junction---this picture was taken from the Laking Garden bridge looking south.

[Image: 36810307230_92b0fae2b6_b.jpg]
To celebrate Canada's 150 Anniversary Canadian Pacific ran this special train across Canada.Here is the train entering Hamilton West

[Image: 35660539903_9993b210f1_k.jpg]
Ed, I am glad to see a new thread started. I am looking forward to all of your pictures. I hope you will repost the ones that were lost as time goes by.
Thanks for the kind words Charlie---here's some previous shots from my hometown


[Image: 36666227846_56cf52c3b4_b.jpg]

Hamilton West

[Image: 35916362285_f230396927_b.jpg]

Laking Garden

[Image: 35867989186_38be55a1ab_k.jpg]
One of my earliest pictures taken in the 80's

[Image: 36861780230_2b963239ac_h.jpg]
Always good to see ALCo's/MLW's, it just makes for a nice day
Here's some more "Big M's" just for you Charlie

[Image: 37308992765_61eda14207_b.jpg]

[Image: 37165666071_6f638eee75_b.jpg]

[Image: 37165523561_bb594b5673_b.jpg]
...and in my favourite paint scheme, too!! Worship Worship

While this isn't my favourite paint scheme, I don't mind it all that much, as it's on my favourite cab unit...

[Image: VIA6778nearLakingGardens-view1.jpg]

It would've looked even better in its original green/gold/black.

Well, not exactly your hometown, but I too like the ALCo/MLW covered wagons. This was taken in October, 1979 from Fort York, a great place to take pictures at the time.     Charlie
Wayne and Charlie---thanks for adding your photos---certainly is great to see other member's photos taken in and around my hometown Thumbsup
Another set of MLW cab-units taken really close to my hometown on the Leetown Division---Doc,I thought you might like this even though it's not in the classic green/yellow/black CNR livery.

[Image: 37314930135_7633ef568f_b.jpg]
Some pictures taken this morning from the Bay St. bridge.The first shot is a special passenger train which was bringing the athletes from the Invictus Games to Niagara Falls

[Image: 37356642331_d8367c51df_b.jpg]

This passenger special created a bit of a backlog of the regular freights so I was lucky to catch Train 422 which is usually an early morning train

[Image: 36687196713_302faebfbd_b.jpg]

Some interesting power on 422 including C40-8 #2003

[Image: 36647784614_faa1a2bb2c_z.jpg]
Some more views of the CN Stuart yard taken from the Bay St. bridge looking west

[Image: 36647789494_c3fdf5776c_b.jpg]

[Image: 37100916270_ab9131778b_b.jpg]

[Image: 36647788004_c498bab6e7_b.jpg]

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