My Hometown---Part 4
It's been a long time since I've had a chance to do any train-watching so even if the conditions weren't ideal with the high sun in my face I didn't want to pass up this shot as CN Train 148 headed east through Bayview Junction around 2 this afternoon

[Image: 26792792059_7a4c7b112a_h.jpg]
Hamilton's CP Kinnear Yard is one of my favourite spots to watch trains in my hometown.There's not a lot of steady main-line action but there is usually lots of opportunities to get pictures of the switching activity in the yard.The yard power includes GP20 ECO's and GP38-2's which interestingly seem to be much cleaner than the main-line locomotives.This morning I stopped at the yard and was able to catch this action.

[Image: 38530122156_2177161896_b.jpg]

[Image: 37870507124_babe7c89d5_b.jpg]

[Image: 37699019935_117c0537b4_b.jpg]

[Image: 37699019865_65a9a7eca1_b.jpg]

[url=][Image: 38530119006_4ae9182452_b.jpg]

[url=][Image: 37699017915_08528c0e30_b.jpg]
CN 331 was cancelled over a year ago so I was lucky to get some pictures while it was a regular through Hamilton West.

[Image: 25126124078_2722566bf8_b.jpg]

[Image: 38110467615_1d395e93da_b.jpg]

[Image: 27219922339_9aa6880b64_b.jpg]

[Image: 38110466385_bf76eef0b2_b.jpg]
Season's Greetings to the Big Blue family

[Image: 38430687154_9079430085_b.jpg]
Ed, your camera must be on the fritz...the picture's all snowy lookin'!

My father was employed on the Canadian National Railway during the 40's and 50's and I have always been looking for photographs of my dad while he was on the job.Thanks to Charles Cooper I now have some great memories of my late father.This photo was taken in 1955 and shows E10A Mogul #80 on train M233---my father was the fireman on that run that day

[Image: 24932333467_3630381f8f_k.jpg]
Ed: where did M233 run?
That's a wonderful souvenir.
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Hi David---M233 was a daily mixed (freight and passenger) train that started from the James St. station in Hamilton and headed south on Ferguson Ave.then up the escarpment connecting with the Hagersville sub-division through the towns of Caledonia,Hagersville,and Jarvis.At Jarvis the train headed east on the Cayuga Sub-division to the shores of Lake Erie at Port Dover.Along the route this train did a lot of switching at the towns so it was a full day job which ended back in Hamilton after a 12 hour shift.This train was affectionally called "the Port Dover Granny"
Here's another photo from Charles Cooper showing my father leaning out the cab of #924 as this double headed freight which has just passed Rymal Rd. in Hamilton heading south to Caledonia.

[Image: 24932335227_27023d417b_k.jpg]
My hockey season is over---time for some rail-fanning

[Image: 40049204045_f1bc83ce0a_k.jpg]

[Image: 26070689207_18831d5d6e_k.jpg]

[Image: 27072285978_e942c835ad_k.jpg]

[Image: 27072283078_8c633b0fd5_k.jpg]
Some action at Bayview Junction on a cold March morning

[Image: 39181054590_40a3cb3940_b.jpg]

[Image: 39181052490_105235aca2_b.jpg]

[Image: 40096990985_a347bc8620_b.jpg]

[Image: 39181049600_8303fe1acf_b.jpg]

[Image: 40096988885_e7faba7d65_b.jpg]
After last week's ice-storm it was a welcomed change in the weather to be able to get out and do a bit of local rail-fanning on a pleasant Saturday morning in my hometown.

[Image: 27734868298_586f28d185_h.jpg]

[Image: 40892996784_07b9ae5c78_b.jpg]

[Image: 27734862558_ab1088ac1b_b.jpg]

[Image: 40892996044_c55e2f7e4b_b.jpg]

[Image: 27734860918_ec47850cba_b.jpg]

[Image: 40892990674_8059925e73_h.jpg]
It was a good day to do some train watching in my hometown

[Image: 27964395548_440f1b44e7_k.jpg]

[Image: 41116061214_573cd27c3f_z.jpg]

[Image: 26964688637_532f4d6fc4_z.jpg]

[Image: 26964682947_56c6a99633_z.jpg]

[Image: 40934151765_b9937a4b59_z.jpg]

[Image: 41790505782_9bca35c3f4_z.jpg]

[Image: 41790502492_bd22c23d70_z.jpg]

[Image: 41116006474_32b782537d_k.jpg]
CN train 422 east through my hometown

[Image: 41870571871_f37cb2dd21_k.jpg]

[Image: 40063212810_814d0ebcbf_k.jpg]

[Image: 40063210410_eea1e1a03b_h.jpg]
There was a train show in Ancaster today so after I picked up a couple of bargains I headed to nearby Copetown to do some rail-fanning---a great day on both fronts

[Image: 41034398455_5989cb5ae3_z.jpg]

[Image: 28062614768_4d630bc238_z.jpg]

[Image: 41889691442_9c5e3927b3_z.jpg]

[Image: 41215528054_2573d4af2f_z.jpg]

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