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calling doctorwayne...

I have been enjoying the posts on here and elsewhere about GERN flux. That said I cannot find anywhere anyone has put together a central repository, website, or not even a facebook page for GERN. Does any of that exist? All I find are varied forum posts and they're often hard to follow. It would certainly be handy to have a specific place for others to find the details and learn about GERN and start their own franchise in a easy to read manner. This could go a long way to keeping Mr Gibson happy and may even create many more GERN affiliates.

Has doctorwayne ever considered immortalizing the GERN registry and company advertisements in another format or am I just not finding such? What I suggesting is simply a webpage, or even a sticky forum topic (searchable by Google, etc) that could even be on this website or elsewhere, describing exactly what GERN is and why and how to become part of it. You could also have the current rolling stock registry listed. It would also make a nice place for images to be easily found. And of course it would lead back to this forum for relevant discussion.

It is possible I just haven't found such a place yet, but that is exactly why I am suggesting such a thing. If I can't find it others can't. I only heard of such a thing by bumping into it reading another forum but then I found little bits and pieces strewn all over before I collected enough information to get the big picture of how many people and how far GERN has spread.
Restorator, No one knows for sure what GERN (always all caps) is. It makes everything at least 3% better. Wayne keeps a record of cars and car numbers so they are not duplicated but after that everyone is on their own. That's what makes the concept fun. You can develop your own use for GERN flux and market it.
I have heard there may even be a Fluxmobile under development. Just remember "If it's GERN it's Good " ®
Welcome aboard, restorator.

here is a link to our centralized GERN thread:

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3242&hilit=gern#p53832</a><!-- l -->

You can also search for gern or GERN in the box at the very top right of any page.
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I got a lot of info from that thread, unfortunately a lot of images from others have disappeared with photobucket.
Restorator, Welcome to Big Blue!

When I get a little free time in the coming week, I'll be e-mailing a bunch of GERN-related stuff to you. It consists of ads, PR material, and some calendar pages, too. As my brother comes up with new material, I'll send that along as I receive it. As time allows, I'll also attempt an OGER (Official GERN Equipment Register), but unlike the ORER, it'll likely be just a list of numbers by car-type and their owners.

When you start getting the GERN stuff (several e-mails-worth of attachments) I'd appreciate a reply so that I have your actual e-mail address on-file. That way, you're always assured of getting new material as it becomes available.

That sounds great doctorwayne! Looking forward to it.
I setup a new facebook page:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 963227231/</a><!-- m -->

And created the new domain <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> will be up and running at the most basic level in a few days to a week or so

If you are interested I would be glad to help out creating a central website for GERN and to keep it alive and well for future generations.
Santa was good to the new southeastern Pennsylvania GERN plant. Visible on the right is the skeleton of the structure of the older building where flux ore is milled, refined, and extracted into different grades and shipped raw. To the left is the newer building where some of the myriad of finished products are produced. And the tracks just in front of the old building are planned to be a liquid flux loading station.


Any chance I could get some of that info for GERN as well?

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